about a sleepy kat

I'm Dinah. Welcome to my dusty little corner of the internet. I'm a twenty-one-year-old amateur photographer and psychology student from Sydney. This blog is where I collect thoughts and images that inspire me. Most of the featured photos are taken by me with my Canon 600D and various lenses.

The List is a post I made years ago and continue to add to. It's a bucket list, of sorts, and helps me to come out of my little shell and find things to post about.

My tags, explained:

  • a day with dinah : step into my oh-so-glamourous life
  • asleepykat loves : basically it's things i love. you never would have guessed, right?
  • do it yo'self : the best way to get things done
  • foodgasm : i really like food
  • homemaker dinah : i'm obsessed with finding and perfecting my own little home
  • le sad : apparently i'm sad a lot? but i kind of like it. "hello darkness, my old friend"
  • photography : hopefully this is self-explanatory
  • the uni lyf : oh, the life of a lazy psychology student
  • thoughts : i have these sometimes
  • wardrobe : despite insisting i'm not a fashion blog, i do tend to post wardrobe-y things quite often...
  • way back when : i basically function on nostalgia. read all about it.
  • what to listen to / read / watch : again, i hope this is self-explanatory
Email me at asleepykat@gmail.com.