ASLEEPYKAT IN JAPAN: Part Two: Ohhhhhhhsaka!

Continuing on from Part One: Tokyo, here is my second post in the "ASLEEPYKAT in Japan" series. This will be a shorter post, because some of the places we visited whilst staying in Osaka (eg Miyajima island, Nara and Universal Studios) deserve their own posts entirely! A note on the subject line - I spent the better part of a week telling people we were heading to Osaka in my horrible Australian accent ("Ah-saka"), only to discover the Japanese had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently it's Ohhhhh-saka! My bad.

Kevin and I left Tokyo for Osaka on a Wednesday afternoon, after spending a couple of hours making Totoro bento boxes with two lovely Japanese ladies. I was pretty sad to be leaving Tokyo but my friend Doschh assured me that I'd soon be in love with Osaka too. I didn't really believe her, but as it turned out, she was right. We took a Shinkansen from Shinjuku station (covered by the JR pass) and arrived at Shin-Osaka station a couple of hours later. Our Osaka accommodation was located right by Shitennōji-mae Yūhigaoka station, one metro stop from Tennōji JR station. We could have walked home from Tennōji station and saved ourselves the metro fare each time (about 180¥ each), but we're lazy at the best of times, let alone when exhausted from travelling. Next time I visit Japan, I'll be sure to book accommodation in the vicinity of JR stations rather than metro stations, so I don't have to buy extra tickets. They're not expensive but it seemed a bit pointless when I had my JR pass and had unlimited travel anywhere on the JR lines.

1. My Totoro bento box! 2. Shinkansen bento meal! 3. New bed, hello!

Our apartment turned out to be about a twenty-minute walk to Dotonbori, which we discovered on the first night when we wandered the streets in the rain. Before I even got to Osaka, I knew Dotonbori was the place to be for food and shops, but I didn't actually know that there was a river running right through the place. It was a dirty kind of river, reminded me of the Yarra in Melbourne. But surrounding the banks were tall buildings with ample shops and restaurants, all lit up as bright as Tokyo. Kind of like a Tokyo/Melbourne hybrid. It was nice. Our first meal in Osaka consisted of Takoyaki, Takisoba and Okonomoyaki (all of the yakis!) at a cute little restaurant by the river. Kevin was happy to be fed because I'd just dragged him around three floors of Forever 21. Poor guy. Sorry. That night we caught the train home (JR and metro) because we are sleepy kats who are sleepy. Or at least I am.

First night in Osaka: Dotonbori

The next few days involved visiting: Nara park, Miyajima Island & Hiroshima, Kyoto and Universal Studios Japan (future posts!). It was a busy week which meant we didn't really have the time to explore Osaka properly. One place we did visit, though, was the majestic Osaka Castle. It was only a few hundred yen to enter and see the museum and the gorgeous view from the top. The castle park is also really gorgeous and we were happy to discover a bunch of food trucks in the courtyard outside the castle. We rewarded ourselves for the walk up eight flights of stairs to the top of the castle with shaved ice - which was milky! I wasn't expecting that hahaha. The shaved ice I've had before has just been ice and the flavour syrup. I'm happy to report that although unexpected, the milky shaved ice was delicious and just what I needed on that summery day.

The majestic Osaka castle!

Gorgeous gold details.

Such a perfect day. I miss the warmth.

Views from the top of the castle.

What a gorgeous babe. #castlelove

Danger Walk Smartphone! A crime I committed all over Japan, usually because I was staring at Google maps and trying to figure out where the hell I was. Whoops!

That's all from me for now. I'm certainly missing Japan a lot, especially when looking back at these photos. The next post will probably be about my adventures in either Nara, Miyajima Island or Universal Studios. Until then, bye! x

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