ASLEEPYKAT IN JAPAN: Part Two: Ohhhhhhhsaka!

Continuing on from Part One: Tokyo, here is my second post in the "ASLEEPYKAT in Japan" series. This will be a shorter post, because some of the places we visited whilst staying in Osaka (eg Miyajima island, Nara and Universal Studios) deserve their own posts entirely! A note on the subject line - I spent the better part of a week telling people we were heading to Osaka in my horrible Australian accent ("Ah-saka"), only to discover the Japanese had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently it's Ohhhhh-saka! My bad.


For those who aren't following me on Instagram, I have just come home from spending a couple of weeks frolicking around Japan! This was a pretty big deal for me as the last time I went overseas I was a three-year-old. I had been wanting to explore and travel for so long but fear and finances held me back. Not anymore! This trip was the scariest and most rewarding of my life and I'm pretty excited to share a few photos with you. ("A few" is probably a lie. I'm currently trying to cull from 500+.) The plan is to spread them out over a few blog posts. Welcome to the first.