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BIG NEWS: I moved out! It was very exhausting but so so so worth it. I'm currently lazing on the couch in the living room with a cute boy beside me. I finally have internet and I'm not going back to work for another week so I figured I should probably post these photos at some point.

Without further ado... The moving process!

My old room. Rest in Peace.

New room! ("I think it looks good like this!")

First night with my roomie (before anything was moved). Cheese and wine on the floor. Perf.

We drank a lot that night but I am pleased to say that I did not vom on the floor of my new apartment.

The morning sunlight on the wall became my favourite thing from that very first morning.

I have a balcony!

Empty living room. Sad.

My perf little kitchen. (It's twice the size of mum's though hahahaha)

Moving things.... Lots of mess.

Moving furniture and all your possessions is a hungry business.

A dining table! We eat dinner there... sometimes. Hahahaha :)

So. Much. Shit.

First night after moving we had a bottle of Moet and dominoes pizza. Perf.

Look at my double bed! I can do even bigger starfishes now. #adult

Say hi to my weird boyfriend. I think he was looking for something... His sanity? Hehehe.

THE DAY OUR COUCH ARRIVED. We built that with out bare hands. And a screwdriver... It's so fucking comfy, I don't know why I even have a bed...

Bought myself a wardrobe. It was a bitch to put together, mainly because the spare floor space in my room was very minimal.

Post IKEA building session... cardboard! Took us 1.5 weeks to get rid of it all.

Break for cheese with friends.

We bought this kitchen bench trolley thing. It's super helpful and super cute. I also finally opened up the box containing the drink dispenser I bought when I was about 15.

Slowly organising my stuff...

Wardrobe success!

Living room shelves. We are growing quite a nice owl collection. I'm also planning to buy a bigger TV sometime soon... hopefully.

First pasta night of many!

On our first night alone after everything was moved we had a surprise firework show from the park next door. Welcome home Dianna???

Bathtub has arm rests INSIDE THE BATH. It's basically my favourite place to be hahaha.

My room this morning, eighteen days into living here.

It's like an organised messy, okay? Hahahaha. Also: that box on top of my wardrobe? That's all my favourite clothes that I can't fit into anymore because of my love affair with cheese. FUCK. (I might try and get back into fitness blogging things.)

Look at the light in my room!!!!! It's perf.

Bathroom. Also bigger than mum's.

Maia's room! I have been here eighteen days and only accidentally fallen asleep on her bed once or twice. I'm doing well!

50% of my plants are still alive. It's a pass, right?

So that's where I live now! I did lose my favourite watch in the move, but I found it again a few days ago in a place I had checked fifty fucking times!!!!! Oh well, at least I have it. Funny story I thought of whilst drunk, re: moving: unpacking boxes is so weird because it's like opening presents you already have... I'm working on posting more! I swear. The first DIY post is in the works already. BYE XOXOX

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