Hi errybody! I'm still alive! Multiple people have messaged me asking when I'm going to blog again and I have finally done something about it! This is a post about a road trip I took last November with the #squad. My good pal Maia grew up in a small coastal town called Narooma. When uni finished for the year, she grabbed a bunch of her friends and drove us down to see her little slice of paradise.

The trip didn't start off great. It was about forty degrees the day we left and one of the cars had no air con.

Stopped in Goulburn for food and things were picking up.

The drive was quite pretty, in places.

Finally... NAN'S HOUSE. (I don't have any photos of the first glimpse of Narooma, most likely because I was too busy shrieking from excitement to actually hold my camera...) "Nan" is Maia's nan, a lovely and sassy Croatian woman who wasn't shy about wanting shots of Kruskovac at 10am every morning.

The view from Nan's balcony was pretty spectacular.

This little Sunfish (Maia) drove us around town to see the sights! Excitement levels were very high.

#SQUAD was on point...

#FOOD was on point...

#VIEW was on point...

Narooma Vinnies was a very happening place. Nan works there. It's incredibly hip.

This is Bar Beach.

1. Dianna and Maia pose for a cute photo. 2. Maia tells Dianna a funny something. 3. Dianna laughs. 4. Dianna is cute for 0.1 seconds. 5. Dianna falls over. 6. Dianna's final pose.

"The Block" is Maia's family home. It is named so because it was once just a block of land. It's fucking gorgeous, as you can see.

Casual colouring date with "Goosey" aka Maia's mum (mother goose).

One of the best parts of the trip was... MILO! Just looking at these photos now makes me miss his little face so much.

We took Milo for a walk on the beach.

Kyall tried to teach Milo to swim...

...Milo was not impressed.

One of the cutest things about Milo is that he loves to chase rocks. And nom on them. Sand is essentially zillions of tiny rocks. He had such a wild time chasing the sand we kicked up. What a babe, right?

Perfect family. (Adopt me please!)

Central Tilba is an even smaller town nearby with charming little streets and shops.

This trip basically solidified my love for cheese. I gained ten kilos in ten days, I shit you not. (Thats what I get for eating a whole wheel of brie by myself...)

Casual hangs at Nan's house inbetween adventures.

Part of the reason for the trip was to celebrate birthdays! I turned twenty-two and jumped off a huge waterfall. Maia turned twenty-one and we partied! We rented a BBQ boat and drifted around the Narooma inlet, eating nommy food, drinking ciders and floating around on inflatable donuts. Check out our cute "I'll never let you go!" moment.

BASICALLY the whole trip was a dram come true and I'm desperate to return. I miss Milo and Nan and Goosey and not having to wear make-up or bras, hahaha. The story is that Maia's parents used to live in Sydney, they visited Narooma for a holiday and... never left! I understand why.

For old times' sake -

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