ooooooh little saint nick

Are you in the Christmas spirit? I'm in the Christmas spirit. Now that my birthday has come and gone (I turned 21, wooo! - more on that later) all my attention is now on Christmas! Honestly it's my favourite time of year. My family has never been religious but we always celebrated Christmas anyway. For me, it's a time of friends and family and hot sticky weather and endless seafood. That and Christmas pudding. Mmm, so good. Cherries are up there, too.

Ever since I can remember (and aside from one-off exceptions), Christmas has been spent at my family friends' house. Their family contains my mum's best friend and my older brother's best friend since they were three or four. How fucking cute, right? Unfortunately for me, the timing of their second child didn't line up very well with my birth, so usually I'm hanging around awkwardly making small talk with aunts and uncles while the bestie pairs are off bestie-ing, but it is what it is. (One foot in the cradle, one foot in the grave.)

Every few years, mum likes to pull out the good old Let-Embarrass-Dianna photos, category: Christmas dressups. We're talking elves, fairies, crocodiles. The whole lot. And never one of those store-bought complete costumes. Nope, I made these from scratch, with odds and ends I'd find around the place. I'm a creative one, hey. I haven't worn elf shoes to Christmas lunch in years, but I'm still into the colour coordinating thing. It's pretty cute, if I may say so myself.

Maybe it's that I'm actually looking, but this year I'm finding loads of Christmas jumpers on many websites. They're so adorable. I'm definitely getting one. The one I have my eye on, though, is out of stock at the moment (CAN I CRY) so my plan is to refresh the page over the next week and hope for the best. I need it, okay? (It's the Christmas tree one below. Don't buy it, you jerks.)

Speaking of Christmassy things, do you like the lovely lights on my blog? Yes, yes you do.

I'll get around to posting about my birthday shenanigans soon. Waiting for photos to be developed. Hohoho!

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  1. Crossing my fingers you get the sweater!!

  2. The mustache Christmas tree sweater is the most adorable thing ever. Waaaaant.

    Also, omg you're baaaaaaaack

  3. i did get it! your finger-crossing worked! hahah thank you :')

  4. yesssss, right? my friends were like ew dianna christmas is in summer it's too hot for that and i was like nUH


  5. The Hollister sweater is sooo you!!
    Won't it be really hot though?
    Ahahahah I just scrolled down and read your comment ahahahahahaaaaaaaaa lalalala

  6. isn't it? hahahah and YES I DON'T CARE IT'S CUTE