confetti sheets are a thing i need

Am I the only one ecstatic about Cotton On's new bedroom range?

Perhaps it's an odd hobby (my brother: "you know different brands of sheets?") but I love love love homemaking. You might be able to tell from my love affair with IKEA and constant pins on Pinterest. It's my fashion, I think. I should totally write a post about how to settle in your nest. Yep, no makeup tutorials from me. But sheets? I can do. Anyway...

What am I doing right now? Typing this, of course, but I'm also leaning my elbows on my study notes as I comb the Cotton On website to find the last ten cents to grant me free shipping. First world problem, am I right?

The Cotton On website and Facebook claim the kids range will be in select stores over the coming week, but I'm too impatient and desperate for these sprinkle sheets to wait any longer. I have to have them. (It's payday. I'm allowed.)

I'm sure I'll Instagram the hell out of these babies once they arrive. Can't wait? Me either.