21 Things You Can Do to Avoid Writing Your Essay

1. pick up extra shifts at your retail job
2. paint glitter onto feathers and cups and your face

3. spend a long time cleaning up the glittery mess
4. wander around the newly-opened H&M, buying one direction t-shirts and more hoodies you don't need

5. eat a whole packet of gummy worms on the 15 minute train ride home
6. actually go to class
7. convince your brother to bake a cake with you
8. dip salted crackers into the mocha batter and realise you've created a new superfood
9. play with glittery icing

10. wonder just why there's glitter all over your bedroom.
11. paint your toenails
12. decide it looks horrible and redo it
13. reread a 100k+ word fanfic
14. for the fifth time
15. buy some fabric dye and a white shirt and make a lovely mess
16. scan and post on facebook those instax photos you never got around to doing

17. rewatch snow white and the seven dwarves
18. hang solar fairy lights outside your bedroom window

19. answer the door for the postman in your pjs and yesterday's eyeliner
20. laze around in bed, whinging for your cat to come cuddle you
21. marvel over the fact that you're very nearly twenty one years old and still have no self control. incredible.

I'm not saying I have done all of these in the last week, but I'm also not saying I haven't. Chins up, children. Semester's nearly over. (For me, anyway.)


  1. What can I say? I put the "pro" in "procrastination".

  2. Love this. Also, so much glitter ahhhh

  3. i like glitter. did ya know? hehe

  4. Oh do you? I never knew :P
    I've been trying to reply back to your snail mail and I was thinking of making you a glitter envelope but ahhh, I fail at life, obviously.

  5. I have the same motto of doing everything else in the universe to avoid work. Love the excess amount of glitter, you can never have too much if you're Dinah ;)

  6. LOVE IT!!! You're one in a million chick xx

  7. okay, these tips are brilliant...you're the queen of procrastination! i'm definitely following.

    arushee | unadornedgifts.blogspot.com

  8. Loved the glitter feathers hehe =)