elephants are kindly but they're dumbbbb

Here are a bunch of photos I took at the zoo way back in January and never got around to posting.

Just looking at those shorts makes me shiver. Brrr. Also check out the beautiful bruise on my leg. Impressive, isn't it? I'm totally a peach. (Listen to this.)


  1. You're adorable! These photos are lovely and make me want to go to the zoo now.
    Also, that guy totally photobombed your mirror pic :P

    (And Dinah, in regards to your previous post, I hope you know I'm always just a text away <3)

  2. HAHAH I try. They're making me want to go back.
    I know right? Ugh. I tried to take another but a whole crowd of people appeared so I gave up ahaha

    Thanks dear <3

  3. Taronga zoo! Haven't been there since primary school! Love the pics of the giraffes hehe
    Looks like you had fun! =)

  4. you should go again! totally worth it imo.