glitter in her veins.

I quite like sparkly things. This should come as a surprise to precisely nobody who has ever met me. Tonight, in the midst of a bubble of sadness, I bought a glittery bra and matching underwear. It cheered me up immensely. I don't even think it was the act of buying - it was the thought of coming home and setting out my sparkly things on my desk, taking photos of it all and blogging about it. Then changing into said sparkles and prancing about my room while Mermaids plays in the background. Who ever said my Friday nights are dull?

Loving something as typically 'girly' as sparkles is pretty unusual for me. I'm really not a "girly girl". When I was about sixteen or seventeen I went through a phase where I refused to associate myself with the colour pink. Why? I figured out it was because typically feminine and I hated the fact that a colour could become so ingrained with a gender. (I had just discovered the world of university-level cultural studies. Forgive me.) Now, why was that ridiculously dumb? Because refusing to associate with pink on that basis only reiterates the stereotype. Think about it: I disliked pink because it meant "girl". I thought that accepting pink as a decent colour would make me horribly girly and feminine. Thus I separated myself from the colour in order to show my lack of girliness. Which only served to reinforce pink as a girly colour. I REFUSED TO ASSOCIATE WITH A COLOUR. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS MY LIFE. Let's be honest now, pink is a lovely colour, especially in the sky! What did pink ever do to me?

I'm over my immature colour-hating. Life's too short for that. I'm not saying I own many pink clothes, but I will paint my fingernails a lovely pastel shade every once in a while. In between excessive shades of glitter, I might add.

What's your sparkly weakness?

currently watching: Mermaids (1990) - favourite cheer-up movie of all time.
currently (re)reading: a hell of a lot of One Direction fanfic.
currently listening to: loving my sad songs playlist at the moment.


  1. Wow, that underwear is AWESOME!
    I tend to not see myself as a real girly girl either, even though I wear pretty feminine clothing, I always try to add something to tone it down (right now I'm wearing a flouncy LBD with sneakers :p) I just honestly never liked pink and it doesn't suit me at all either! Not a lot of glitter around either, no idea why not :p I do like really 'girly' floral or other prints, I guess those are my glitter!

  2. All of the sparkles <3
    That watch is so pretty! Nice bra hehe I've never seen glittery bras =OOOO Have fun washing it though xD
    I used to be like that about pink because I remember girls would be like "omgsh it's pink I love it blah blah blah" then I would roll my eyes and smh LOL haha and now I'm that girl who's like OMGSH IT'S PINK I NEED IT HAHAHA.....

  3. ahaha, isn't it? i kind of feel pretty badass when i wear it. like i'm a secret glitter superhero or something! i actually really love the dress and sneakers look! good on you <3 my kind of outfit ahaha :)

  4. all of the sparkles indeed <3
    hahahahha you and your pink and purple nowadays. :)

  5. I relate so much to what you said about the colour pink and rejecting it. I rejected everything female as I was growing up.