and your car smells like chocolate

I miss being a Sleepy Kat™. I had a nice break from the soul-sucking worlds of Twitter and Instagram and to be honest, I'm quite liking the mental space. I don't miss them as much as I thought I would. (Although I do miss the regular chats with my favourite people.)

I have typed and retyped and untyped this post so many times now. I want to tell you everything, but the shitty part is that I can't. That's what's up. It used to drive me insane how I couldn't always be fully honest on here, but guys, there's a reason for that. Some things should just be kept off the internet. Be careful about what you say, kids. I learned my lesson.

Now that that's out of the way, on to my nonsensical ramblings! You've missed me, haven't you. Don't even deny it. A bunch of photos taken about ten minutes ago. Messy and low quality but perfectly reflective of my life right now. Enjoy and happy Easter!

(1) sparkly slippers (2) dream catcher i made last week (3) nail polish bottles, waiting for me to paint my right hand
(4) ikea haul (5) uni textbooks, patiently waiting for me to love them (6) excessive amount of easter egg wrappers

(7) arty thingo i made last week (8) the best foot cream i have ever used, no seriously (9) london lonely planet guide & a kikki k diary
(10) currently playing the 1975 and one direction on repeat, as always (11) april calendar (12) easter nails and depressingly faded tattoo


  1. There's always a percentage of yourself that's only meant to be for yourself. It is frustrating because sometimes you just want someone to listen & empathise but unfortunately it can't be that way :(

    Hope you're doing well hun <3

  2. I've missed you on Instagram & Twitter! Text me sometime, I hope things are doing okay with you love <3

  3. I'm doing okay <3 I really miss the blogger world though. Got lots to study today but I'll be sure to catch up on your posts in a break :) <3

  4. Thanks, Rachel. Means a lot. <3 Same goes for you.

  5. Hahahah yes they're so cute aren't they? Best chrismas present ever. :)
    I would love to teach you basic vision however I don't know basic vision myself ahahaha #gottastudy

  6. hehe, i texted you as soon as i read this. <3 I've missed ig and twitter too. Perhaps it's time to rejoin the world of the internet~