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Easter in Sydney often means watching busloads of people heading to the Olympic showground and kids hyped up on sugar wearing rainbow wigs and spreading an assortment of junky toys all over the train carriage. It's also that horrid plastic-y smell of Disney showbags filled with pointless shit, all made in China. When I was younger, I lived for the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It was basically the highlight of every kid's year. Every year, in about January, I'd start trolling the Easter show website, particularly the showbag section, planning and plotting my descent into the showbag hall. The idea of all of this junk was so lovely to me, and everyone. It's kind of how you spend a ridiculous amount of money playing the laughing clowns, getting worked up at the mere thought of a giant stuffed bear, and yet once you win one, you get home and realise it's ugly and not at all worth the $60 you spent playing for it. (Not that I've ever actually won one of those giant bears, but damn, I have tried.)

My Easter Show memories are pretty decent. Aside from a few panicky moments when I saw an ambulance in the rides section and immediately imagined someone's head falling off a roller coaster or something (I was a strange child okay), I always had fun. From watching the woodchopping competitions, to roly poly cars (literally amazed my four year old self) and rodeo and fruit/veg displays and snow cones with excessive syrup flavouring to freezing my kneecaps off on the ferris wheel and patting the cute little puppies and carefully calculating my showbag budget (thanks mum) and adding to that my secret coin collection and the man from snowy river show, acted on horseback, and the fireworks, always always always, followed by a noisy ride home in a bus full of people waving around inflatable hammers and checking out their goodies.

The Easter show got old when I was about eleven or twelve. Every year it's the same, minus the ever-growing prices. Somehow, it's just not as fun when you're spending your own money...

This year, my friend revealed that having lived in Sydney for years, she has never been. "What," we said. "What." So a friend and I took her on an Easter show adventure.

We bought Care Bear showbags and I wandered around the place in a purple Care Bears beanie and giant fairy wings, eating rainbow snow cones and sticky fairy floss. Unfortunately on the day I went, the cats had already gone home (boo) but we saw some ridiculously lovely dogs and cute little goats (none of whom, unfortunately, screamed like humans).

Overall, a decent day, and my wallet was not as sure as I expected. I did splurge on a nice pair of ugg boots, but come on, it's cold, they're necessary.

and your car smells like chocolate

I miss being a Sleepy Kat™. I had a nice break from the soul-sucking worlds of Twitter and Instagram and to be honest, I'm quite liking the mental space. I don't miss them as much as I thought I would. (Although I do miss the regular chats with my favourite people.)

I have typed and retyped and untyped this post so many times now. I want to tell you everything, but the shitty part is that I can't. That's what's up. It used to drive me insane how I couldn't always be fully honest on here, but guys, there's a reason for that. Some things should just be kept off the internet. Be careful about what you say, kids. I learned my lesson.

Now that that's out of the way, on to my nonsensical ramblings! You've missed me, haven't you. Don't even deny it. A bunch of photos taken about ten minutes ago. Messy and low quality but perfectly reflective of my life right now. Enjoy and happy Easter!

(1) sparkly slippers (2) dream catcher i made last week (3) nail polish bottles, waiting for me to paint my right hand
(4) ikea haul (5) uni textbooks, patiently waiting for me to love them (6) excessive amount of easter egg wrappers

(7) arty thingo i made last week (8) the best foot cream i have ever used, no seriously (9) london lonely planet guide & a kikki k diary
(10) currently playing the 1975 and one direction on repeat, as always (11) april calendar (12) easter nails and depressingly faded tattoo

wise words.

© Don't Let the Muggles Get You Down - Coffee Mug by 312INK on etsy. (Buy here.)

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate this quote. Don't ever let them get you down. Ever. And just remember, if someone is trying to pull you down, it means they're already beneath you.

I love this blog so much and I'm not going to let the muggles take it from me.

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