Tomorrow is my mum's birthday. Due to my recent spray paint obsession, I decided to make her something. As you may or may not know, I work for Ikea. And more often than not, I intend to buy one or two things after work and come home with a giant bagful. Whoops. I have had my eye on these Moppe drawers for a while now. They have been featured in many DIY tuts that I have seen and I wanted to attempt my own. Well, that and I noticed that it had disappeared from the catalogue and didn't seem to be coming back. So I bought them.

As it was a gift for my mum, I knew my lovely silver spray paint wasn't going to do the job. I needed a white. The one I ended up with was $20 from Eckersley's. I'm not entirely sure that's a low price but it saved me a trip to Bunnings, so.

The Moppe set of drawers was $19.99 (no longer in the catalogue) and the Faglavik knobs were $9 for a pack of two.

Oh, you want to make your own? Here's how to do it:

1. Prep your area. There's nothing quite like making your mother a wonderful present only for her to come home and find you've ruined her (far more expensive) furniture. Trust me on that one. Don't try it at home. Newspaper taped to an outside table worked for me. I didn't really pay attention to what I was wearing and I didn't get anything on me, but just in case, don't wear your wedding dress. Or anything you don't want to get paint on.

2. I didn't bother sanding my drawers but if you were going to, this is when you'd do it.

3. Spread out the boxes upside down over the newspaper, a fair distance apart. Carefully begin to spray each side, slowly and carefully. Make sure you don't put too much paint on, though! I did that on one of my boxes and it went all droopy and pathetic. Lots of thin coats is much, much better than one gloopy thick coat.

4. Leave to dry. My bottle of spray paint very helpfully left out the drying times so I went with the times on another bottle. Ten minutes for touch dry, re-coat between one and two hours after initial coat. Last time I did the spray paint thing my layers were too think and therefore wasn't dry when I went to give it a poke so I was pretty careful this time.

The down side of "low odour" paint is that ants like to come along and join in the party. Argh! Well that and cats hover around saying meeeeow whatcha doing meeeoooowwww and you have to put them back inside to save their poor little lungs from whatever the fuck is in that paint.

5. Leave your precious boxes outside in the (slowly dying) late afternoon sun and sit inside to nibble on Red Rock Deli chips and type up the first five steps of this thingy. (Y)

6. Use a pencil and ruler to find the centre of the box. This is where the knob is going to go. Go and find your cordless drill. Realise you don't have any drill bits. Frantically search your garage for about half an hour. Find nothing. Tweet something twitty about it. Use a screwdriver bit on the drill and hurt your hand pushing down hard. Once the hole is finally made, realise the screws that came with the knobs are too long. Spend another half hour looking for shorter screws to fit. Attempt to cut a screw with a hack saw. Frown at your brother when he makes a joke about the tardiness of this project. Consider running to Bunnings for drill bits and shorter screws.

7. Give up and use superglue instead.

8. Admire your beautiful creation. Be careful not to knock the knobs off.

As far as projects go, not my worst. There's a good chance I'm going to be buying more Moppes in various sizes before they're completely gone. For my future drawers I think I will bother to screw the knobs in properly. I'm not the type of person to be gentle when it comes to handles and such. Hopefully my mum is, though. My future drawers will probably be slightly more creative. I have a bottle of silver spray paint and various acrylic paints in fluoro colours... And let's be honest, there's probably going to be glitter involved at some point.

BONUS: a sleepy idiot being idiotic.

Well hey, look at that! My first successful DIY post. :) Hope you liiiiike. And if not, whatever. I like it enough for both of us.

bonsoir xox


  1. hehhehe I think it turned out really nice!
    I love how you tied a blue ribbon around it =)
    It sounds like it took ages, how did you manage to do all of that before your mum got home? haha
    Also I have the same ruler, did Michelle give that to you? lol
    Yay for DIYs =)

  2. me too, for an afternoon's work! only took a few hours tbh. all cleaned up before she was home.
    hahah high five! and yes, she did. it's so cute that you can fold it. ugh favourite <3
    yaaaaay ✌

  3. Looks great Dinah :D If only I could please my mom with something as pretty as this!

  4. oh but you totally can, aline! ;) hahahah <3

  5. This looks so great hun!!

  6. LOL! You are gorgeous :)

    Well done! x