tuesday is my cat.

Hey remember when I used to post updates about my day rather than humming and harring about a topic for a good few months before posting it? Yeah, I miss that. Here's an update on my Tuesday. (The day, not the cat.)

The above photo was taken this morning in my rush to get out the door and to my tutorial on time. I was in the midst of wondering if I needed foundation (nahhh) and whether I had time to eat this piece of toast before rushing to the bus stop (also nahhh) when I noticed the way the light looked and thought oh hey prettiness, I'm going to take a photo of you and further late myself. I managed to get to uni on time, in the end, although to the dismay of my poor little toes seeing as I somehow tripped over a piece of concrete and grazed the skin off them. Really charming how everyone stared when I swore my cute little face off but nobody came to help. Really really charming. My toes dislike you people. Rood.

Uni's going well! After stuffing around for a year and a half with a BA doing random subjects and putting little effort into things, I was worried that starting psychology would be more of the same. But nope, I'm ambitious now. Have a high self-efficacy, too. #KNOWLEDGE

I am drowning in stats anxiety and seriously considering sleeping with my textbook under my pillow in the hopes that some knowledge falls into my head while I'm passed out. That idea is not totally unfounded, though - lately knowledge really has been falling into my head. I go to class (which, okay, if you knew me in first year was a bloody accomplishment) and I take notes (neatly, according to my peers, what?) while I'm really sneakily reading fanfic on my phone (because I'm crazy obsessive about some things) and so I don't actually think I'm learning and then somehow, at the dinner table, I spout some knowledge. And then I think, okay, how the hell did that get in my head? IT FELL IN. #KNOWLEDGE

Last night I dragged my doona down from the top of the cupboard, much to the amusement of my mother and brother, who claimed it was far too hot for that kind of thing, and then proceeded to tease me when I disagreed. Joke's on them, though! It isn't too hot and I've never been comfier. DOONAS ARE THE BEST. The best part of winter, no doubt. I feel like there's a "the cold never bothered me anyway~" joke in there somewhere but I'm too tired to find it right now. My wit needs recharging.

Anyway, as of right now, I'm happy. Let's appreciate this moment before shit turns sour again. Shall we?


  1. You bed sheets look goood! =)
    You room/bed always looks so cosy as well hehe
    The lamp <3
    Also where did you get the mug from? (Not Ikea is it? lol)

    Happy happy happy happy happy

  2. thanks, hehe, i like to think so too. :)

    the mug was a plain white one, $2 from target & i painted the spots on. TAKE THAT, KIKKI K.


  3. Well darn, I wish I had your knowledge-gaining skills. Would make my life easier!

  4. LOL I was going to buy the one from Kikki K. Paint costs money too y'know? haha =)


    also mine's prettier ehehehe
    i'll make ya one if ya want. i have gold and silver. and it'll be nicer to have a mug like MY FRIEND MADE ME THIS COS SHE LOVES ME rather than o yeah i spent lots of money on this at kikki k


  6. unfortunately this skill was only developed after i had trudged my way through high school and found myself studying more interesting things, so maybe that's it. but good luck bb! hang in there and maybe some knowledge will fall in without you knowing <3

  7. Lol okkkkk if you have a spare mug and time (which I doubt!) =)
    Funny how we both know how expensive kikki k is but still buy stuff there LOL

  8. I'm happy you're happy!!! :)

  9. Psych sounds interesting...