insert punny lipstick-related title here

I'm feeling narcissistic today. Here, have some photos of my face.

Remember back when I wore lipstick for the first time, like, ever? A lot can change in seven months. Lipstick is now one of my can't-leave-home-withouts. I need at least one colour in my bag. The one I'm wearing in the above photos is "Berry Couture" by Revlon. It's new and slightly more winterish because I'm embracing the upcoming shivery weather with open arms and sparkly slippers. Well that and the fact that it looks ridic awesome. Agree?

Some other favourites of mine include "Lovers Coral" by Revlon, "Pink Hope" by Revlon (i like their lipsticks okay) and "Pretty Please" from Sportsgirl.

Someday we may discuss the fact that I have bought two Apple products in the past eight days, but not yet. I'm still in denial. Let's just sweep that little detail under the mat for now and pretend I'm not a total Apple fangirl. Okay?

Do you wear lipstick? What are your fave shades or brands?

(I just googled "lipstick pun". What is my life.)


  1. That colour is so prettyyyyyy! It looks really good on you =)
    Have you tried their lip butters or those lip crayon type thingos?
    No lipstick for me until after my acne medication boooo =( but looking good!!
    I like your hair! Is the colour diff or is it just me? (or maybe lighting?)
    I want my hair to be that colour hehe =)

  2. nope, i haven't tried those. have you?
    lol idk just the lighting i think???? hahahha

  3. I love the look of lipstick! It's so sophisticated and adds a mature sense of colour. I'd wear it if I ever got into wearing make-up, but I doubt I could keep it on. :p Berry Couture looks fantastic on you, by the way! Really suits you.

  4. nup but I shall!
    Are the ones you listed above moisturising?

  5. Not sure if they are technically but the revlon ones feel sooooo good. So probably. Not so much for the sportsgirl one.

  6. Thank you! I have trouble keeping it on myself but I love it too much to leave off ahahahah

  7. Nice colour, it suits you beautifully! I can't pull of this kind of pink shade :( It's funny how you just bought a wintery colour, while I bought 'electrical orange' by Maybelline last week for spring/summer :p I just like wearing lipstick because I feel like my face is too colourless without it, as if the're not enough going on already with all the freckles and the red hair!

    I don't own that many lipsticks, but my absolute favourite one is by Lush. It's from their 'emotional brilliance' (lame name, imo) range in the colour 'strong'. It's so awesome I don't even feel like I'm wearing lipstick at all! (it's the one I'm wearing in my most recent profile picture :p)

  8. I have heard many good thing about the emotional brilliant range and I think it might be time to try it for myself! :)

  9. Agree 100%, I'm into nudes at the moment