When I was younger I thought that adding the prefix "be" to a word made it the opposite. For example, I figured "befriend" meant becoming someone's enemy. When I was about nine I was discussing this with my father in the car on the way home. He asked me to give him one example of where "be" negates a word.

"Well," I said, because wasn't it obvious? "First you're headed. And then you're beheaded."

He laughed the rest of the way home while I sat in the backseat and questioned my entire life philosophy.

Point is, people can be wrong. I especially can be wrong. I make dumb choices and I'll argue a lost cause and I'll have my tutor look at me pitifully after I've answered a question incorrectly in class. I know this. I know I can be very, very wrong.

And yet when I looked at my work roster for last week and saw I was on for a forty hour week, I thought nothing of it. OOPS. Big mistake. As it turns out, working full time and being a full time student and socialising and trying to get just a little sleep is actually kind of difficult. Twenty-four hours in a day is not enough! Seriously, they should really change that.

Do you remember that cutesy little diagram that used to go floating around tumblr a few years go? The one where there's a triangle and each point of the triangle says "good grades" and "a social life" and "enough sleep"? And the caption reads "pick two"? Yeah. We've all been there, I'm sure of it. Well anyway, I'd like to add a fourth point to this lovely triange and make it a squareish rhombus-y thingo (gr9 at geometry, clearly). And that fourth point is "money". And then I'd like to add a little footnote saying that you can pick two to focus on, and a third to have a little of, which you cannot master unless you are superwoman. Which makes the diagram a little more complicated and a little less cutesy, but oh well. It's more realistic.

I made it through the week, thanks in no small part to the large collection of confectionary that has begun to fester in the cupboard at work. Seriously, that shit is life saving. I wish I could say that I have a week off to sleep, perhaps on a heart-shaped island in the Caribbean, but nope, it's back to uni tomorrow. Still, I had a lovely sleep this afternoon after I trudged home from work with a quickly dying sugar high.

As for my rhombusy squarish diagram? This week I managed money and social life with a teeny tiny bit of sleep. I don't want to do that to my grades ever again.

Goodnight, kids. My bed is calling me. I don't want to neglect it for another second. xoxox

PS - we have all been here too, haven't we?

(Hipstery night sky photo has been on my computer for ages. I'd love to give proper credit for it but don't know who to. There's a high chance it's one of those default Mac desktops but I'm not totally sure.)


  1. I need sleep and money and good grades and more sleep =)

  2. In an idealistic world, I'd opt for a social life, enough sleep and money. (But that's not how it works, hey?) I, much like you, avidly question the universe and truth of philosophy on a regular basis. ;)

  3. Hmm maybe I'll take some of that too haha

  4. you have such a way with words, rachel. i'm in awe. <3

  5. Giulia Duch ClericiApril 4, 2014 at 12:03 PM

    this is the greatest post i've ever read. wow! little triangles and rhombuses explaining the philosophy of world... i feel you, i can relate to this so much! we'll just have to start a petition asking for more hours in the day, ok?