When I was younger I thought that adding the prefix "be" to a word made it the opposite. For example, I figured "befriend" meant becoming someone's enemy. When I was about nine I was discussing this with my father in the car on the way home. He asked me to give him one example of where "be" negates a word.

"Well," I said, because wasn't it obvious? "First you're headed. And then you're beheaded."

He laughed the rest of the way home while I sat in the backseat and questioned my entire life philosophy.

Point is, people can be wrong. I especially can be wrong. I make dumb choices and I'll argue a lost cause and I'll have my tutor look at me pitifully after I've answered a question incorrectly in class. I know this. I know I can be very, very wrong.

And yet when I looked at my work roster for last week and saw I was on for a forty hour week, I thought nothing of it. OOPS. Big mistake. As it turns out, working full time and being a full time student and socialising and trying to get just a little sleep is actually kind of difficult. Twenty-four hours in a day is not enough! Seriously, they should really change that.

Do you remember that cutesy little diagram that used to go floating around tumblr a few years go? The one where there's a triangle and each point of the triangle says "good grades" and "a social life" and "enough sleep"? And the caption reads "pick two"? Yeah. We've all been there, I'm sure of it. Well anyway, I'd like to add a fourth point to this lovely triange and make it a squareish rhombus-y thingo (gr9 at geometry, clearly). And that fourth point is "money". And then I'd like to add a little footnote saying that you can pick two to focus on, and a third to have a little of, which you cannot master unless you are superwoman. Which makes the diagram a little more complicated and a little less cutesy, but oh well. It's more realistic.

I made it through the week, thanks in no small part to the large collection of confectionary that has begun to fester in the cupboard at work. Seriously, that shit is life saving. I wish I could say that I have a week off to sleep, perhaps on a heart-shaped island in the Caribbean, but nope, it's back to uni tomorrow. Still, I had a lovely sleep this afternoon after I trudged home from work with a quickly dying sugar high.

As for my rhombusy squarish diagram? This week I managed money and social life with a teeny tiny bit of sleep. I don't want to do that to my grades ever again.

Goodnight, kids. My bed is calling me. I don't want to neglect it for another second. xoxox

PS - we have all been here too, haven't we?

(Hipstery night sky photo has been on my computer for ages. I'd love to give proper credit for it but don't know who to. There's a high chance it's one of those default Mac desktops but I'm not totally sure.)

insert punny lipstick-related title here

I'm feeling narcissistic today. Here, have some photos of my face.

Remember back when I wore lipstick for the first time, like, ever? A lot can change in seven months. Lipstick is now one of my can't-leave-home-withouts. I need at least one colour in my bag. The one I'm wearing in the above photos is "Berry Couture" by Revlon. It's new and slightly more winterish because I'm embracing the upcoming shivery weather with open arms and sparkly slippers. Well that and the fact that it looks ridic awesome. Agree?

Some other favourites of mine include "Lovers Coral" by Revlon, "Pink Hope" by Revlon (i like their lipsticks okay) and "Pretty Please" from Sportsgirl.

Someday we may discuss the fact that I have bought two Apple products in the past eight days, but not yet. I'm still in denial. Let's just sweep that little detail under the mat for now and pretend I'm not a total Apple fangirl. Okay?

Do you wear lipstick? What are your fave shades or brands?

(I just googled "lipstick pun". What is my life.)

tuesday is my cat.

Hey remember when I used to post updates about my day rather than humming and harring about a topic for a good few months before posting it? Yeah, I miss that. Here's an update on my Tuesday. (The day, not the cat.)

The above photo was taken this morning in my rush to get out the door and to my tutorial on time. I was in the midst of wondering if I needed foundation (nahhh) and whether I had time to eat this piece of toast before rushing to the bus stop (also nahhh) when I noticed the way the light looked and thought oh hey prettiness, I'm going to take a photo of you and further late myself. I managed to get to uni on time, in the end, although to the dismay of my poor little toes seeing as I somehow tripped over a piece of concrete and grazed the skin off them. Really charming how everyone stared when I swore my cute little face off but nobody came to help. Really really charming. My toes dislike you people. Rood.

Uni's going well! After stuffing around for a year and a half with a BA doing random subjects and putting little effort into things, I was worried that starting psychology would be more of the same. But nope, I'm ambitious now. Have a high self-efficacy, too. #KNOWLEDGE

I am drowning in stats anxiety and seriously considering sleeping with my textbook under my pillow in the hopes that some knowledge falls into my head while I'm passed out. That idea is not totally unfounded, though - lately knowledge really has been falling into my head. I go to class (which, okay, if you knew me in first year was a bloody accomplishment) and I take notes (neatly, according to my peers, what?) while I'm really sneakily reading fanfic on my phone (because I'm crazy obsessive about some things) and so I don't actually think I'm learning and then somehow, at the dinner table, I spout some knowledge. And then I think, okay, how the hell did that get in my head? IT FELL IN. #KNOWLEDGE

Last night I dragged my doona down from the top of the cupboard, much to the amusement of my mother and brother, who claimed it was far too hot for that kind of thing, and then proceeded to tease me when I disagreed. Joke's on them, though! It isn't too hot and I've never been comfier. DOONAS ARE THE BEST. The best part of winter, no doubt. I feel like there's a "the cold never bothered me anyway~" joke in there somewhere but I'm too tired to find it right now. My wit needs recharging.

Anyway, as of right now, I'm happy. Let's appreciate this moment before shit turns sour again. Shall we?

home, sweet precious home.

I can't wait to move out. It's what keeps me going through eight hour shifts from hell on a rainy Sunday afternoon when everyone and their mother (and their sister and their cousin and their screaming toddler) has decided to spend the day traipsing around the store. I'm desperate for a place of my own. Not necessarily on my own, if you know what I mean, because there's no way I'm going to be able to afford that in the next twenty years. But away from family. Away from my safe zone. As crazy as it sounds, I want to worry about grocery shopping and electricity bills and whether I put the rubbish out. I want a place to decorate however I please.

My obsession with moving out is getting so bad that I have actually started stockpiling furniture and whatnot for my new place. Last month I bought glassware. Glassware! Well, okay, they were mason jars, but they're literally still in their box at the top of my wardrobe, waiting to be put in a new home. I recently bought an apron. It's beautifully coloured, and will look lovely in contrast to my white, white kitchen. I'm honestly considering buying my bed next time it's on sale and leaving it inside its box in the garage. I have started budgeting and buying my own groceries and planning for the future. Planning! For the future! Me!!!! Never thought I'd be at this stage in my life, to be honest.

Here's a bunch of Ikea products that I plan to own sometime in the future. I promise they don't pay me for these posts. You all know I'm Ikea mad anyway. :)

I've talked to a few friends of mine and they plan to stay with their parents for as long as they can. I guess it's different here in Australia because it seems like elsewhere kids seem to move out when they go to university/college/whatever. That's not really a thing here. Or at least not as much.



Tomorrow is my mum's birthday. Due to my recent spray paint obsession, I decided to make her something. As you may or may not know, I work for Ikea. And more often than not, I intend to buy one or two things after work and come home with a giant bagful. Whoops. I have had my eye on these Moppe drawers for a while now. They have been featured in many DIY tuts that I have seen and I wanted to attempt my own. Well, that and I noticed that it had disappeared from the catalogue and didn't seem to be coming back. So I bought them.

As it was a gift for my mum, I knew my lovely silver spray paint wasn't going to do the job. I needed a white. The one I ended up with was $20 from Eckersley's. I'm not entirely sure that's a low price but it saved me a trip to Bunnings, so.

The Moppe set of drawers was $19.99 (no longer in the catalogue) and the Faglavik knobs were $9 for a pack of two.

pretty flowers are pretty. that's it, that's the post title.

I'm restless. I have been for months now.

Seems to me that I'm either trailing on the edge of life, daring myself to jump, or else I'm so intensely energetic that I'm dizzy with it. Can I not just chill the fuck out for a minute? I suppose this restlessness is better than the alternative, though. Last August I was in a very dark place and although it doesn't feel like it right now, I have come a bloody long way. I'm so far from being content with life (although I'm not convinced anyone ever is) but I just want to take this opportunity to appreciate the past six months, everything they've done for me, and everything I've done for myself.

Reading Jess Loves Fred's latest post really hit home. I'm not loving blogging right now either. Maybe it's that I have become so focused on delivering inspiring content that I manage to (a) not inspire anyone and (b) lock up my feelings to be let out via a drunken sob story.

I miss the part of me with the guts to post this.

Don't think I'm all sadface right now, though. (Although it does seem that I write a lot more when I am...) I had a lovely weekend off work, buying shoes and reading excessive amounts of One Direction fanfic which I am not at all ashamed of. (Sabine, I love you, but shut up.) This afternoon involved spray paint - a lot of it, reorganising my bookshelf and cuddles with my cat.

As I sit here and type this, sipping my lukewarm Chai tea, thinking about how I really shouldn't put milk in it next time, I think I know what I need to do. Basically: stop being such a perfectionist all the freakin' time. Easier said that done, though. I'd know. Anyway, so I'm going to embark on a self-actualisation mission thingo. Whatever the fuck that means. Basically I'm going to be nice to myself and my stomach and forget about the world watching while I be myself. And then I'm going to let you know how it goes.

photo: pretty flowers are pretty. that's it, that's the explanation.

twenty-fourteen in instagram squares

Quick post tonight because it's been ages and I need to feel like I'm doing something other than sleeping and studying. (It's week one and I'm studying. So going to ace this semester.) If the title of this post didn't give it away, this is my year so far in instagram photos. I planned to do this at the beginning of the year, summarising my entire 2013 in cute little tiles (which would have been much more impressive than this weak attempt) but alas, I forgot. Life got in the way. Well, that and NYE parties. You know how it is.

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