what's in my bag? // asleepykat being original.

Hey guys. I have been dealing with a horrid case of Bloggers' Block these past few weeks. In the hopes of getting myself back into the posting habit, I'm going back to an old favourite: What's in my bag? It's a classic for a reason.

This is my current carry-all bag. It's got a Sportsgirl tag inside and I got it from Vinnies for $8. EIGHT DOLLARS. It's in perfect condition and fits a hell of a lot of junk. :)

First off there's my umbrella. Lately the weather has been up and down, sunny and rainy, happy then grumpy, so my umbrella's just hanging out in there until Sydney makes up its mind which way it's going. Then there's my Mink Pink sunnies. I don't love them per se, but they do the job. My iPod, which entertains me for hours each day on public transport. Yeah, I have an actual iPod! I'm so vintage. I carry around a bunch of tea bags sometimes because my tea choices at work are limited to english breakfast and peppermint. I love my jasmine tea, though. It's a necessity. Next up there's an empty tissue packet (whoops), butter menthols and panadol. My cold from a couple of weeks ago is still hanging around, being bothersome. That red package is a little bag that my mum brought back from Vietnam. It's super handy for when you need to trek home with a dirty uniform or you impulsively decide to go Ikea shopping and don't want to buy yet another Frakta bag. My lovely work ID and swipe card also lives in my bag. I used to keep it in my wardrobe in an attempt to be neat and whatnot, however the shame of forgetting my key and having to traipse around the store with a visitors' badge was enough to make me change my ways. Also that's my moose. The blurry bag / pencil case thingo (i'm so gr8 at photos today oops) holds a lot of junk. I'll elaborate on that in a minute. And then there's my wallet. Not pictured is my water bottle, which I would be a lifeless corpse without.

What's with all the blue, you ask? I don't know, okay. Shut up. It's a lovely colour.

Inside my lovely Sportsgirl pencil case thingo whatsis, there's this junk. More medication, because apparently panadol is not enough for my disorganised brain and I must carry around nurofen as well. That macbook-ish thing is actually a compact mirror. Cute, isn't it? Assorted lipsticks and balms, a pen, a Daisy perfume thingo (because I have too many of these sitting at home not being used, oooops), my keys (featuring 'Pengie' the penguin USB flash drive). Last but certainly not least is my Dettol antibacterial gel. Very useful if you're the kind of sleepy kitten to get all kinds of food and dirt and alcohol and unidentified goo all over your hands. (It's a mystery how I get so messy, tbqh.)

By the way, this is my "big bag" okay? I don't carry all this shit around with me all the time. In fact, I have been known to ditch bags altogether and carry my train ticket, debit card and ID in my pocket. Classy lady, I am.

At some point in the future I would like to share with you the fifteen thousand DIY projects I have started and also perhaps ramble about my intense feelings for My Mad Fat Diary, although that will have to wait until my thoughts have cleared from violent key-smashes into coherent words. Feels, you know? PS - watch the first episode here. You know you want to.

Now this sleepy kitten would like to invite you to empty out your own bag. ;)

ciao bellas x


  1. Ooh nice find!!
    It literally looks brand new. Very nice =)

    Can't wait for the DIYsssssssss

  2. Lovely blogpost. I love the style of your bag :)


  3. Did you say, e i g h t dollars?! Holy cow. I'm shocked, that's a winner for sure. Also props to you for practicality. But if f I ever did a 'What's In My Bag' post it would probably include very unsightly girl necessities, hah!
    I am avidly waiting for some of your new ingenious DIYs, AND your next post about MMFD. I know Erin and Louise are with me on this one. :}

  4. Ooooh love this, Dinah! I wanna show you whats in my bag as well! xD

  5. Oh my gosh I have the same Sportsgirl pencil case!! We have good taste. :P

  6. yep, i definitely did. bargain for sure! i have to admit that writing this post made me take a lot of junk out of my bag, hahahhaa. and today when i took my camera i took out a lot of the practical things and came home looking like a drowned rat. good one, self.