Soooo I just had a delicious breakfast. And what better way to celebrate my wonderful cooking skills than making you all incredibly jealous? Hehe.

On Sunday morning I woke up partially hungover and partially still drunk and all I could think about was bacon and eggs. It would have been perfect. But alas, no, I didn't have the ingredients. So what did I do? I went grocery shopping. And bought ingredients. So I could have a delicious breakfast today. Perhaps I can appreciate it more in my sober state. I don't know, maybe. Food tastes so damn good when you're drunk, you know? I swear, those late night pizza slice places in Kings Cross must make a damn fortune off people like me.

I love poached eggs a ridiculous amount. There's a cafe nearby my house that serves the most delicious poached eggs I have ever had (and I have tried a lot of poached eggs). So a year or two ago, sick of having to leave my house to experience eggy greatness, I tried to replicate their eggs. Mine are very far from perfect, but nice enough to make me forget Houlihan's eggs for a little while. I use one teaspoon of salt and three teaspoons of white vinegar in a pot of boiling water, use a spoon to create a whirlpool, slide the egg off a saucer and into the water and wait about three minutes. Top with pepper and parsley. Yummmmm.

Warm tomatoes are so much more flavoursome than cool tomatoes. Honestly, I love them. That with my lovely eggs and salty bacon (that I can feel sliding straight to my thighs) and wholemeal turkish toast makes for a very happy Dianna. All that's missing is orange juice. I forgot to buy the orange juice. Damn.

Now that I'm up and fed (although admittedly I am lying back on my bed to type this out), I'm getting a jump start on the day! I don't have to be at work until tonight so the plan is to finish my DIY thingies so I can post them here, clean out my bathroom cupboard, watch Friends and at some point during the day, shower.

Happy Monday, lovelies! xoxox