penne pomodoro fresco e basilico

Hey 'errebody. I've had a really productive couple of days in terms of getting shit done and crossing things off my to-do list. The downside to that is that I'm flipping exhausted and wondering what happened to my "day off". Still, it's been nice. Yep, that's the word I'm going with. Nice. Before I head off to bed and collapse into fandom-y dreams, I need to share with you something yummy.

Vapiano is a cafeteria style restaurant/pasta bar that recently opened a store in Sydney. When I was in Melbourne last July I fell in love with the place. And now there's one so much closer to me. Haaaaappy face!

For dinner I shared a bruschetta and I had penne pomodoro fresco e basilico (delicious) and a lemonade. (Because alcohol is bad. Baaaad.) The ambience of the place is freakin' sweet. As you can probably tell. Going on a Thursday night was probably a good idea because I hate to think of the Friday/Saturday crowds.

Now all I need is a lovely gentleman suitor to wine and dine me here. (Although I'd settle for a lovely lady.)


  1. Take me hereee
    It looks nice
    Nom nom nom pasta
    Yes alcohol is baddddd
    You're going to wake up and see a spam of notifications from me btw =P

  2. will do.
    alcohol is so good though hahahahha. wow, i'm totally my worst enemy.

  3. Cool, nice place!