"i have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea!"

Happy Saturday! I'm sitting on my bed watching The Parent Trap and enjoying the ambience of my fairy lights, the cool kid that I am.

I will never not love The Parent Trap. I was never the kid to fantasise about getting my parents back together, but I have always been the kid waiting to meet my long lost twin. I still have hope! Plus, baby Lohan is so adorable and the entire movie is ridiculously quotable.

This week I started running again! I really need to stop taking these silly breaks. Yesterday I ran 5km in 31:30 mins, which is actually my personal best. Yaaaay! But fear not, I'll beat it. The Mother's Day Classic race is in May and I'm not going to bomb out like last year.

Say hello to my cute little planner thingy. I'm actually using a Moleskine, as per tradition, but this was on sale at Typo and it was blue and shiny and you all should know how much of a sucker I am for blue, shiny things. So now it's my food journal. Maybe having it in a blue and shiny journal will make me more likely to continue using it? I HOPE SO.



  1. I loveee the parent trap so much! One of my fav movies!
    Good on ya for achieving your PB. Maybe you can train me ahaha....
    The food diary thing is actually a very smart idea. I have a similar journal but for shopping ><

    GOOD NIGHT (morning) =)

  2. I still watch The Parent Trap pretty frequently :D I used to be proud of the fact that people told me I looked like Lindsay (but let's face it, that was always just because people think all redheads look the same, especially the freckled ones :p ), wouldn't be so proud if people told me I looked like her now :p

    I have the prettiest yellow Moleskine for this year, made me extra excited for the new year :p I've tried keeping a food journal, I should pick it up again since I'm sincerely planning to start eating healthier when I get back to my dorm, I've let myself slide the past semester!

  3. hehe, yep, me too!
    suuuuuure. idk how but suuuure.
    haha really? what do you write in it? like how much you bought etc?


  4. hehehe i really think you look nothing like her. you're far too gorgeous. <3
    yay for moleskines! they really are my favourite things. hope we both stick to it this time!

  5. Lol yep, pretty much like a budget book =)