A while ago now, Chelsey requested that I do a post on my style/clothes/whatever. I had a post semi-prepared before I lost my laptop and since then I've been avoiding it because I honestly feel I'm not qualified to write about fashion-y things. But today I went shopping (again, sigh) and I'm wearing a super comfy (and blue!) top that sparkles and I don't know, I just want to share. So Chelsea, consider this the first post in a series of many styley posts. If that makes sense?

I spent the majority of last night awake with a raging sore throat and feelings of overall patheticness. At 5am I discovered that there's a Hollister store in Sydney. So this afternoon, rather than staying in bed to ward off my cold like a normal person, I went shopping. And came home broke. You know, as you do...

Hollister clothes are so damn comfy, no joke. Yeah, they're probably overpriced and I'm probably being a Brand Bitch™ but whatever. Alright, do you want to know what started this Hollister obsession? Fine. Harry Styles. There, I said it. Shut up. Shut up shut up shut up. (At least buying a similar Hollister hoodie is cheaper than buying his $2000 blazer, sheeeesh). (Plus Louis Tomlinson my faaaaaave has been seen wearing it and omg omg hehe.) Anyway, the hoodie is comfy as anything, and actually not that expensive given what it is! I mean hoodies from Cotton On are not all that much cheaper and to be honest, I'd rather a lovely Hollister one. (Not that I don't have far too many Cotton On hoodies lying around, but you know...)

I bought a couple of other things besides the blue top and the hoodie, but I'll save them for a rainy day. Literally. Like, I kind of want to move somewhere cold so I can wear my lovely things.

Side note: I recently had to get orthotics for my feet. I never actually realised how bad my ankle rolled inwards until I saw this photo. Oh dear! o.o Also, wow, thighs. :/ Time to get back to running~

I LOVE HOLLISTER ~ k bye off to drown myself in strepsils and chicken soup xoxox


  1. Brandy bitch lol hahahahaah you are funny
    The shirt looks like a nice basic piece to have, I think buying better quality stuff is smarter in the long run though so ya good job =)

    OMGSH I have orthotics too except I never wear them.........and I've been wearing flats everyday cause I don't have comfy shoes ahhhh
    Anyways get well soon!! Rest upppppp
    (How did you have time to compose this post when you're sick)

  2. yaaa i like to think so ;) hehe
    YESYESYES it is lovely. i got it in another colour too. and even my mum said the things felt like they were high quality so yeahhhh.
    I haven't worn mine much either eeep

    LMAO i'm feeling better suddenly? the power of retail therapy. :)

  3. You guys in the Eastern states get all the nice, awesome brands. It's unfair ahhhhh.
    (Also how are you naturally photogenic, why is this a blogger trait I have yet to pick up on? *bawls whilst never leaving the house*)

  4. *whsipers* my name ends with a "y" ;) i understand your obsession with hollister but ugh yes, so expensive. i always wait for their sales. their jeans are my favorite!! and i have a hoodie i got there a few years ago and still wear it because so comfy. your shirt is so cute, i love it!!! also your necklace is adorable too.

    hope you are feeling a little better now. i'll bring you some chicken soup :)))

  5. yeahhhh, i guess we do. still, they'll come to you sometime!
    (i'm not?? ohmygoodness hahahaha i disagree with this comment!)

  6. WHOOPS, SORRY! i'm usually so attentive to things like that, meep. anyway, fixed. i didn't try their jeans but wow, i want to. thank youuu i'm feeling a little better and a little worse. y'know...

  7. don't feel bad. one of my mom's friends has known me since i was born and it wasn't until a few years ago she began spelling my name right after spelling it wrong for so many years lol. yesss try their jeans! i have a pair of super skinny ones that are the best. i really want to buy more now. i am on their site and i love their chino pants... sigh i wish i had money. someone needs to give me a job haha. (also forgot to say, can't wait for more fashion-y posts!!) ... awww, hope you get better! *hugs*