hippy barden

Goodness. Where to begin?

Last weekend was my 20th birthday and I spent the day with my family. This weekend, I had a par-tay. Given this was my first party since I was twelve, I was a bit nervous, thinking ohmygodwhatifnobodyshowsup etc etc etc. But it was fine. Lovely, even. A friend and I made a rainbow cake, rather successfully, I might add, and we spent the rest of the day playing silly card games in varying numbers as people appeared and disappeared throughout the day. Ever played Cards Against Humanity? You should. It's ridiculously fun. Jungle Speed made an appearance, as did Spoons, which then had my cutlery drawer rather empty and people wondering where the utensils had gone.

For food I decided to go classic kiddy party style, nothing too fancy, so I had party pies and sausage rolls and chips and punch and fairy bread and fruit. Also potato gems, which were a hit.

(damn, that cake was good)

It was kind of weird to have the attention solely focused on me, though, since I share my birthday with my stepsister (two years older) and usually our celebrations are a joint thing.

Peach Schnapps and Monopoly Deal made an appearance sometime in the evening and we somehow spent an hour playing with sparklers and cameras.

Fun times, really. :)


  1. that cake looks sooo good oh my gosh. also i really want to try fairy bread. i'm glad you had a great birthday :) i hope you got the gifts you wanted.

  2. Nom nom nom
    Tis was a good day (Y)
    Nice artsy shots of the balloons btw and the sparklers looked fun hehe
    I'm so proud of the cake esp cause we said like a year or so we would make one...and we make it happen whoo (Y) haha =))))))
    I'm glad you had a good day though!
    Happy bday once again <3

  3. hehe thank you! i was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. :) and you totally should, mmm. <3

  4. haha wow did we really say that? k well good on us then - it was an excellent first attempt. :)
    taaaankyou <3

  5. Now that's what I call a par-tay. ;)
    It's always nice to celebrate it low-key with a couple of friends, and especially with that scrumptious-looking rainbow cake. (I may have to ask for that recipe.) Happy 20th, as well, darl! xx

  6. I'm so glad you had such a great time! The photos are beautiful and the food looks amazing! You've got to love fairy bread - I think even when I'm 70 I'll have fairy bread at my parties...

    It's so funny you bring up Cards Against Humanity - I got it for my brother for his birthday last month and he LOVED it. I remembered he told me a year ago he wanted it so he literally threw the present down and curled up into a ball when he opened it, it was hilarious! Not sure it's a game I'd like though...

  7. thank you! :)
    i actually used a betty crocker vanilla cake mix (shhhh) because i'm lazy and whatnot, and i wanted it to work out. (ALSO BETTY CROCKER ICING AMIRIGHT). Anyway, once the batter was mixed and ready, I split it into four bowls and added the colouring. Then poured them into four pans and had four little cakes. (Be careful though - the cakes are smaller so won't take as long to bake). And then I layered them and stuck the bits together with whipped cream. :)

  8. hahah yes, i'll always have fairy bread. :)
    i'm tempted to buy cards against humanity for myself now, but my friend who brought it said that it's very hard to find. she had to go into the shop at like 9am and even then there were only a few left. DAMNNN, popular game.

  9. I got mine on ebay! This was the cheapest option I found: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Cards-Against-Humanity-Main-Set-550-Playing-Card-Game-Party-Games-AUS-/370955343563?pt=AU_Card_Games&hash=item565ea956cb&_uhb=1

  10. Balloons, rainbow cake and sparklers. Idk how you can have a more awesome birthday <3