we've got guns hidden under our petticoats

I recently bought the self-titled debut album from The 1975. Yes, actually bought it. And I'm obsessed with it. My favourite song is "Chocolate" (listen here) but I also love "Sex" and "Heart Out". They're pretty recent - the album was released in September and they topped the UK charts. They'll probably make it big.

On another note, I missed A Sleepy Kat's birthday! Whoops. She is officially one-year-and-two-days old. We've come a long way together. :)

photos are not mine meep


A while ago now, Chelsey requested that I do a post on my style/clothes/whatever. I had a post semi-prepared before I lost my laptop and since then I've been avoiding it because I honestly feel I'm not qualified to write about fashion-y things. But today I went shopping (again, sigh) and I'm wearing a super comfy (and blue!) top that sparkles and I don't know, I just want to share. So Chelsea, consider this the first post in a series of many styley posts. If that makes sense?

I spent the majority of last night awake with a raging sore throat and feelings of overall patheticness. At 5am I discovered that there's a Hollister store in Sydney. So this afternoon, rather than staying in bed to ward off my cold like a normal person, I went shopping. And came home broke. You know, as you do...

Hollister clothes are so damn comfy, no joke. Yeah, they're probably overpriced and I'm probably being a Brand Bitch™ but whatever. Alright, do you want to know what started this Hollister obsession? Fine. Harry Styles. There, I said it. Shut up. Shut up shut up shut up. (At least buying a similar Hollister hoodie is cheaper than buying his $2000 blazer, sheeeesh). (Plus Louis Tomlinson my faaaaaave has been seen wearing it and omg omg hehe.) Anyway, the hoodie is comfy as anything, and actually not that expensive given what it is! I mean hoodies from Cotton On are not all that much cheaper and to be honest, I'd rather a lovely Hollister one. (Not that I don't have far too many Cotton On hoodies lying around, but you know...)

I bought a couple of other things besides the blue top and the hoodie, but I'll save them for a rainy day. Literally. Like, I kind of want to move somewhere cold so I can wear my lovely things.

Side note: I recently had to get orthotics for my feet. I never actually realised how bad my ankle rolled inwards until I saw this photo. Oh dear! o.o Also, wow, thighs. :/ Time to get back to running~

I LOVE HOLLISTER ~ k bye off to drown myself in strepsils and chicken soup xoxox

hippy barden

Goodness. Where to begin?

Last weekend was my 20th birthday and I spent the day with my family. This weekend, I had a par-tay. Given this was my first party since I was twelve, I was a bit nervous, thinking ohmygodwhatifnobodyshowsup etc etc etc. But it was fine. Lovely, even. A friend and I made a rainbow cake, rather successfully, I might add, and we spent the rest of the day playing silly card games in varying numbers as people appeared and disappeared throughout the day. Ever played Cards Against Humanity? You should. It's ridiculously fun. Jungle Speed made an appearance, as did Spoons, which then had my cutlery drawer rather empty and people wondering where the utensils had gone.

For food I decided to go classic kiddy party style, nothing too fancy, so I had party pies and sausage rolls and chips and punch and fairy bread and fruit. Also potato gems, which were a hit.

(damn, that cake was good)

It was kind of weird to have the attention solely focused on me, though, since I share my birthday with my stepsister (two years older) and usually our celebrations are a joint thing.

Peach Schnapps and Monopoly Deal made an appearance sometime in the evening and we somehow spent an hour playing with sparklers and cameras.

Fun times, really. :)