"lovely bunch of coconuts"

This week I made a visit to Lush. I hadn't been in a while and it was my first payday (or so I thought, oops) so I figured it was sort of justified. I bought three things: Godiva, Curly Wurly & Soap of Hope.

Curly Wurly is my favourite shampoo from Lush. Although, admittedly, I haven't tried many. I have used it a few times before. The shampoo looks like solid coconutty goo, but once it lathers up in a lovely smooth foam. The side of the tub used to read, "washing out the coconut is tricky but definitely worth the effort!" I never understood whether this meant (a) that washing out the coconut is worth the effort it takes or (b) that having coconut in the product is worth the effort it takes to wash it out. Tres amuse? Yes, I think so too. Unfortunately they've taken it off. However what they've replaced it with is sufficiently amusing for me, as you can probably tell from this post's title.

I also picked up a Godiva bar because (a) it said it was a solid shampoo and conditioner in one and I thought "ooh, nifty" and (b) it smelt like heaven. I definitely love this one. Like the Curly Wurly, it lathers up into a generous foam, leaves my hair clean and soft and smells delicious. Love this one!

Soap of Hope was on the counter and I picked it up last. All proceeds from the sales of this soap go towards the Australian Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Soap and a great cause? Yes please. I'm so used to using body washes that I've forgotten what soap actually feels like, so it's a bit different for me. But the scent is deliciously fruity and orangey. A good buy.

Thankfully I got out of there before I could cause any more harm to my bank account. My first actual payday (h8 fortnightly pay) is next week. Here's hoping I manage to control myself.

  • I have fallen into the deep hole that is the One Direction fandom. It happened very suddenly. I'm' going to their concert on Sunday and I'm ridiculously excited.
  • asleepykat has a new look! What do you guys think? Hover your curser over things! Pretty, yes?
  • Have a lovely weekend. xoxoxox


  1. That is some interesting looking shampoo. I've bought 2 things from lush and don't like either =((((

  2. i think I've been in a lush store years ago and never bought anything. i'm on the site now looking and want everything but I'll have to wait until i find a job haha. i wish i had a store near me to visit again. oooooh, a one direction fan!!! once you like them there is no going back. i'm already excited for their new album coming out next month. looooove the new site layout! i'm thinking i want to start a blog and was on blogger last night trying to do html and i haven't messed with blogger layouts in so long. i think i need to refresh myself with html again hehe.

  3. Ahh, bummer. I hate when there are no stores nearby.
    One recently opened near my uni which has been both good and bad...... lol. Yay, so excited for your blog! And yeppp, blogger codes are especially frustrating.

  4. Ahh I need to go to Lush! It's been a long time... Our bathroom is getting redone at the moment so mum & I are waiting until it's finished before we go and clean up at Lush haha.


  5. Lush grease lightning and the ultrabalm. Have you tried either? I only bought the ultrabalm 2 days ago so I may change my mind but so far not good zzzz

  6. Nope, neither! What are they? They don't sound awesome...

  7. Hahahaha, that is awesome. :)
    will do!

  8. lol yea, both skin care stuff
    grease lightning = pimple cream, ppl full raving about it but it didn't do anything for me
    ultrabalm = like an everything cream for dry patches? can be used as a lip balm and dry patches on elbows etc, apparently it's good for eczema too but it didn't heal mine =(

  9. quick question about blog stuff, if you don't mind, since i haven't used this new blogger editing thing. do you put the layout coding in the template > customize > advanced > add css? or is that just editing the blogger template that is already on there? i miss the old blogger editing system so much now.

  10. Template > edit html gives you the whole code. the customize thing is useful sometimes but i prefer to use the detailed one. :)

  11. thank you so much! :) you wouldn't happen to have your last blog layout code would you? so i could look at it and get familiar with blogger's coding again.