i'm still alive !

chose this photo because cats.

Hiiiiii guys. I kind of fell off the planet for a while there. So sorry. A number of things happened, beginning with my obsession with One Direction. You might have guessed that, given my last post and my excessive 1D-related tweets. (I'm @dreamyville, follow me on Twitter!) Somehow those five lovely idiots pulled me back into the world of fandom and I have been drowning in it. Tumblr sucked me in. Whoops.

What happened next was that I lost my laptop. It was quite a low point in my existence, I might say. I lose all my files because I hadn't backed up since January. Word of advice, lovely minions - back up your shit. Especially when you're in the midst of an assignment. The day I lost my laptop I had to stay up and rewrite a psychology report from scratch. With none of my notes, I might add. It suuuuckkedddd. I keep remembering things I lost that I'm not going to get back and it makes me sad. The most recent realisation was my 1000+ internet bookmarks. 70% of which were fanfics. Noooo! Do you feel my pain, do you feel it? It burns. (Thankfully my camera's memory card has a hell of a lot on it.)

Anyway, the upside to losing my baby is that I went and bought myself a new one. As you do, you know, when you're a responsible adult with a job (more on that later). My new laptop is called Boobear and he's beautiful and so much better than Ms Chanandler Bong (old one) ever was, although at the moment he lacks the brain matter (files) to work well with me. Still, I'm teaching him. And he's so damn pretty to look at. The other upside is that I'm never ever ever ever going to be stupid enough to not pay attention when taking my laptop on the train. Never ever ever ever again.

Now, onto my job! In my last post I mentioned that I sort of maybe had my dream job? Well it's a done deal now and I'm loving it. I am officially an Ikea employee and it is the best. Plus, you know, money is nice. It helps you out when you're a total idiot and lose things. (Sigh.) Work is gr8.

My feelings for One Direction are massively complicated and contradictory. Perhaps this should wait until another post. If you're a curious cat (I know you are) follow me on tumblr. My next post will be more interesting, I promise. It will include: Bombay Bicycle Club, intelligent thoughts, and perhaps some body art. WIIINK.


  1. It must really suck to lose your laptop! I remember how upset I was when I dropped mine and thought it was broken, and I had even backed up one week before. I wish people would take warnings to do back ups more seriously, it really spares a lot of stress.. Though last week I dropped my external hard disk, so my back up could've been lost.. i'm sensing a pattern here where I drop my expensive technologic stuff, maybe I should just be more careful? :p

    You bought a Macbook right? If so, I'm really jealous, they're so pretty <3 ever since I bought my iPhone I've fallen in love with iOS, but I promised myself to never spend so much money on a laptop while I'm still a student without money, so I'll have to wait a while :p

    Glad your job at Ikea is everything you hoped it would be! Do you have to work a lot of hours there?

  2. Boobear must be a godsend. What a bummer that you had to let go of Ms Chanandler Bong like that, but hey, everything comes and goes. This was one way to bring in the new change! Also I think you're living the high life. How tempting is it to not run and dive straight into all the beds? I envy you :p
    AND DID YOU SAY BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB?! They have some of my favourite songs ever - I'm looking forward to this next post heh. xx

  3. yeahhhh, it really sucked. definitely learned my lesson, though!
    yep! hahahha, once you buy a macbook there's really no going back. shiiiit. #broke hahaha
    i'm on a part time 20 hours per week contract but that is the minimum and i can pick up a hell of a lot more shifts if i want to! with uni ending now, i'm going to be working a lot. it's a pretty sweet deal. :)

  4. he really is! i know, i was pretty sad for a long time. HAHAHAH yes, i know what you mean. fortunately i work in the market hall not the showroom, so I manage to keep myself away from all the beds. The downside to that, of course, is that I keep finding things I want to buy. HAHAHAH it's such a problem.
    OOOOH, what are your favourite songs? I'm in looooove with "Ivy and Gold". I also listened to some Two Door Cinema Club (you like them, right? I think it was you!) and I liiiiiike. Finding new music is so awesome. :)

  5. Sorry about your laptop chick, that's awful! Leah x

  6. Hiiiii =)
    I'm so happy for you that you got Ikea!
    20 days till ya bdayyyy (Y)

  7. I'M SO GLAD YOU'ER BACK! I totally know what it's like to fall into the 1D rabbit hole and not come out for a couple of months so I understand your unintentional hiatus :)

    Hahahahhaa oh gosh your laptop's name. Sucks about the old one :(

    I'm glad you have your dream job - I know you love ikea! :)

  8. HELLO! :) so many posts to catch up on now, hahaha oops.
    yeahhhh, it's a pretty deep hole. glad you understand. ;) hahaha