i'm still alive !

chose this photo because cats.

Hiiiiii guys. I kind of fell off the planet for a while there. So sorry. A number of things happened, beginning with my obsession with One Direction. You might have guessed that, given my last post and my excessive 1D-related tweets. (I'm @dreamyville, follow me on Twitter!) Somehow those five lovely idiots pulled me back into the world of fandom and I have been drowning in it. Tumblr sucked me in. Whoops.

What happened next was that I lost my laptop. It was quite a low point in my existence, I might say. I lose all my files because I hadn't backed up since January. Word of advice, lovely minions - back up your shit. Especially when you're in the midst of an assignment. The day I lost my laptop I had to stay up and rewrite a psychology report from scratch. With none of my notes, I might add. It suuuuckkedddd. I keep remembering things I lost that I'm not going to get back and it makes me sad. The most recent realisation was my 1000+ internet bookmarks. 70% of which were fanfics. Noooo! Do you feel my pain, do you feel it? It burns. (Thankfully my camera's memory card has a hell of a lot on it.)

Anyway, the upside to losing my baby is that I went and bought myself a new one. As you do, you know, when you're a responsible adult with a job (more on that later). My new laptop is called Boobear and he's beautiful and so much better than Ms Chanandler Bong (old one) ever was, although at the moment he lacks the brain matter (files) to work well with me. Still, I'm teaching him. And he's so damn pretty to look at. The other upside is that I'm never ever ever ever going to be stupid enough to not pay attention when taking my laptop on the train. Never ever ever ever again.

Now, onto my job! In my last post I mentioned that I sort of maybe had my dream job? Well it's a done deal now and I'm loving it. I am officially an Ikea employee and it is the best. Plus, you know, money is nice. It helps you out when you're a total idiot and lose things. (Sigh.) Work is gr8.

My feelings for One Direction are massively complicated and contradictory. Perhaps this should wait until another post. If you're a curious cat (I know you are) follow me on tumblr. My next post will be more interesting, I promise. It will include: Bombay Bicycle Club, intelligent thoughts, and perhaps some body art. WIIINK.


Today has been a brilliant day for many reasons. I may have landed my dream job (but I don't want to say this for sure until it's a done deal). I hung out alone and didn't feel lonely, and last but certainly not least, I saw One Direction live. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

First things first, though. The List is something that I have been working on for a while. It's basically a list of things I'm afraid of doing or that I need to face. Today I crossed another item off my list: attend a concert alone. I could say that I'm a brave little girl who wanted to face fears and blog about the experience, but the truth is that I really really really wanted to see One Direction. And I found a lovely-priced ticket for pickup in my suburb. Seemed like fate, y'know?

This isn't my first concert, but it's the first one I've been to alone. And can I just say that it was a great experience. I'm sure live music is lovely when shared with friends, but being alone, I don't think I missed out on anything. Except maybe having someone to take a photo of me beside a Harry poster. But whatever. I chatted with an elderly gentleman beside me (the poor thing had ear plugs!) for a while but then once the lights went out, it was all screaming and singing and enjoying the atmosphere. I honestly think more people should be brave enough to go to concerts alone. I certainly will be doing it more in the future!

The boys were great. Honestly, they're great entertainers. Especially Niall and Harry, I found. Liam seemed to take the singing part really seriously and Zayn had an amazing voice. Damn, that boy. Louis, oh Louis, was just fabulous all round. I love all the boys, I really do, but my screams were the loudest when Harry or Louis waved in my direction. No shame at all. My throat is sore. :D

One girl in my row stood for the entire concert recording on her phone. Don't be that guy, okay? Don't be the one watching the concert through your phone. Yeah, I know, you want to relive the experience but the footage will suck and you'll regret not paying attention to the concert as it happened!

At one point, during one of their silly little chats, Niall started reading out the signs that people had brought. There were some lovely ones, until Niall said "I'm the- oh, that one's naughty!" I saw the sign later. It read: "I'm the 1, give me the D!" Classic, ladies. Wish I'd taken a photo.

One Direction are such dorks. It's lovely. Their silly dancing and that rowing thing that they do with their microphones. Can't dance for shit, so they skip across the stage. GAH, I love them. I happened to have a damn good seat for the concert (YESSSSS) and so when the boys were on the middle stage, they were about 25 metres away from me. It was incredible. But still not close enough.

Overall, a fabulous day. I spent the money I earned at work yesterday on merch that I may or may not regret buying. And once I got home, I took a million and one selfies in my new 1D shirt. Y'know, as you do...

Sorry about the quality of the photos. My phone doesn't have the best camera. And photos can't do the experience justice, anyway. You really do have to be there.

Have you seen 1D? Love them or hate them? Or what was your best/worst concert experience? GOD I AM SO HYPER SOMEBODY COME DANCE WITH ME

"lovely bunch of coconuts"

This week I made a visit to Lush. I hadn't been in a while and it was my first payday (or so I thought, oops) so I figured it was sort of justified. I bought three things: Godiva, Curly Wurly & Soap of Hope.

Curly Wurly is my favourite shampoo from Lush. Although, admittedly, I haven't tried many. I have used it a few times before. The shampoo looks like solid coconutty goo, but once it lathers up in a lovely smooth foam. The side of the tub used to read, "washing out the coconut is tricky but definitely worth the effort!" I never understood whether this meant (a) that washing out the coconut is worth the effort it takes or (b) that having coconut in the product is worth the effort it takes to wash it out. Tres amuse? Yes, I think so too. Unfortunately they've taken it off. However what they've replaced it with is sufficiently amusing for me, as you can probably tell from this post's title.

I also picked up a Godiva bar because (a) it said it was a solid shampoo and conditioner in one and I thought "ooh, nifty" and (b) it smelt like heaven. I definitely love this one. Like the Curly Wurly, it lathers up into a generous foam, leaves my hair clean and soft and smells delicious. Love this one!

Soap of Hope was on the counter and I picked it up last. All proceeds from the sales of this soap go towards the Australian Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Soap and a great cause? Yes please. I'm so used to using body washes that I've forgotten what soap actually feels like, so it's a bit different for me. But the scent is deliciously fruity and orangey. A good buy.

Thankfully I got out of there before I could cause any more harm to my bank account. My first actual payday (h8 fortnightly pay) is next week. Here's hoping I manage to control myself.

  • I have fallen into the deep hole that is the One Direction fandom. It happened very suddenly. I'm' going to their concert on Sunday and I'm ridiculously excited.
  • asleepykat has a new look! What do you guys think? Hover your curser over things! Pretty, yes?
  • Have a lovely weekend. xoxoxox