on a sunny monday.

All I can do is turn a phrase until it catches the light. © Clive James

  • I'm totally loving the Spring-ish weather happening in Sydney right now. It's fabulous.
  • Borrowed my dad's car for the day and drove to the harbour for a waterside run. Also fabulous.
  • It's not 100% sure but it's looking like I have a job! High fives all around to that! :)
  • I'm obsessed with that Clive James quote (above). I saw an interview with him on TV a few weeks ago and totally fell in love with his writing.
  • Today I started an essay a whole week before it is due! Personal growth, that's called.
  • I'm seeing friends this week and enjoying my break from hectic uni days.
  • I have a new blanket called Hannah and she's the best at snuggling.
  • Brian and Justin are Life Ruiners™ and yet I'm completely in love with them. Might post more on this later, if I ever figure out how to compose coherent sentences in relation to these two.
  • Things are snuggly and happy and sunny today. Hope you're having a good day! xxx


  1. Congrats on the job (or almost job??)! Sounds like things are going well, I'm happy for you <3

  2. Thanks! It's a sure thing now! Yay! :) <3

  3. Sounds like a good start to the week yay =)