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Good news: The 2014 Ikea catalogue is now online! And the physical copy will be in stores from September 9th. (Hopefully I'll receive my copy in the mail before then, though.) In this post I have included a few of my favourite pages. No doubt when I have my hands on the physical copy, these will be the ones bookmarked over and over again, dog-eared with hearts drawn in the margins. It's inevitable.

I have loved Ikea for as long as I can remember. Many years ago there was a store quite near my house and I remember being there with my family when I was only a few years old. We bought (among other things) a wooden stool with an adjustable height that squeaked whenever sat on for its entire life before it mysteriously disappeared when we moved house five years ago.

The trouble with buying so many Ikea products is that you experience both the good and the bad. Once upon a time, my brother got it into his head that he wanted a loft bed and so we toddled off the the store and found one. Since my mum's car is so teeny tiny, we had to pay for it to be delivered. Which, let me be the first to say, was not exactly cheap. And then the bed sucked. My grandfather put the damn thing together with help from us kids but it swayed and creaked every time a person stepped on it. That loft bed became my home for many of my preteen years. I don't miss it at all.

Apart from those less-than-awesome experiences, Ikea has my heart. Some say (aka: my mother) that Ikea is silly because everyone's home ends up looking the same and nothing is original and it's all boring, blah blah blah. But I think the opposite. It's amazing how different spaces can be even using the same materials. If you took a look at the Expedit Group on Flickr, I think you'd discover just how interesting Ikea furniture can be.

My obsession with interior design started quite early on. I have blogged about this before (here) but just to recap: I changed my bedroom around every few months. I'm in love with the way a simple change in placement or a differently-coloured textile can change the entire feeling and mood of a space. It's a hobby, I guess.

so cosy!

Reading the Ikea catalogue makes me yearn for my own apartment to decorate. I want a clean space with white walls and white carpet (or light-coloured floor boards, mmm) that is just my own. I want to get down and messy with painting the bathroom and retiling the kitchen and creating a lovely place just for myself. Has to be white, has to be light, and has to be minimal. I'm addicted to the minimal thing. I don't know what it is, but I find that there's something so calming about throwing things out. Less junk equals a clearer head, for me. (Although right now I'm totally regretting donating those jeans to charity last month - I MISS THEM and can't afford new ones.)

this page reminds me of old books and those paper bark trees.

i am in love with white everything. heartsinmyeyes.emoji

I tried to wait for the physical copy of the Ikea catalogue. I have even pledged to read the printed word (see on my sidebar). But I just couldn't. It's Monday afternoon, I'm wrapped in a cosy blanket soaking up the last rays of sun, freshly showered after my workout and the timing was just right. So I couldn't wait. I read it. I love it. Aussie kids, you can read it for yourself here. Others should check their country's Ikea website for their own catalogue.

Like any Ikeahead™ or avid shopper, I have a list of everything I'd buy if I could. Here are my top picks:

1. Brimnes queen bed ($339) + Brimnes headboard ($250) or 1a. Leirvik queen bed ($139)

I'm more attracted to the latter one, if I'm being honest, because it's so cute and fairy-like and just imagine how easy it would be to hang string lights on there. But the Brimnes one has a multitude of storage hidey holes and it's white and possibly more practical (although quite a lot more money!) The good news is that (a) my bedroom at home is far too small to fit either of these and (b) I can't afford either of these, therefore I don't have to decide. I can just crush on them from afar. Lovely.

2. Billy corner combination ($325)

For my wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling library, of course. I'd probably need more than one, though. Someday I will have my own library! A girl can dream... ;) (I sure have enough books to fill the damn library!)

3. Faktum wall cabinet with glass door ($70)

For my treasures. ;)

4. Alvine Kvist quilt cover ($89) | 5. Huset doll's furniture ($14.99)

I'm a sucker for white/grey floral quilt covers. My current one is pretty similar. | How cute is this? Ikea dolls furniture! I would have loved to have that when I was a kid. In fact, I'd still love to have it now! (I was pretty obsessed with the Ikea 'Stuff' expansion pack for the Sims 2, back in the day.)

6. Tindra scented candle ($2.49) | 7. Dekad alarm clock ($9.99)

These candles are my favourite. I buy more every time I visit Ikea. There are about five or six different flavours/scents and I'm in love with a few of them. | This clock is adorable. If it came in white, I wouldn't hesitate.

I could probably go on for days like this, naming almost every single product, so I think I should stop before it gets out of hand. There are many more Ikea products that I love and have not mentioned in this post for the simple reason that I already own them. :) Soon I might upload recent photos of my bedroom because the ones from this post are quite out of date.

Hope you liked this post! What are your favourite Ikea products? Share the Ikea love! ♥

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  2. "Reading the Ikea catalogue makes me yearn for my own apartment to decorate. I want a clean space with white walls and white carpet (or light-coloured floor boards, mmm) that is just my own. I want to get down and messy with painting the bathroom and retiling the kitchen and creating a lovely place just for myself. Has to be white, has to be light, and has to be minimal. I'm addicted to the minimal thing."

    You completely described me though. I swear we would make brilliant roommates.

  3. great minds think alike! ;) and omg, that would be amazing. think of the tv collection! hahaha

  4. So pretty
    I love white furniture
    I really want the hemnes glass door cabinet thingo (I think that's what it's called)
    It pretty much looks like the one u posted but kinda bigger =)
    Pretty pretty pretty

  5. ahh, yes, the really tall one? i want that too hahahaha :)

  6. ikea = ♥ i love the bedroom in the catalogue with the billy bookcase behind the bed and along the wall filled with books. that is a dream of mine, to have a whole wall filled from floor to ceiling with books. i'm like you, i cannot wait to have my own apartment to decorate it. i've always wanted white walls and white hardwood floors with pops of color everywhere. and would love a brick exposed wall. ugh the possibilities of decorating when i have my own place!! i only have 3 things from ikea (plus the white boxes which are my favorite things and i need more.) i have the lack shelf, linnmon/adils table which is perfect for my desk, and i also got my duvet cover that is my favorite thing in the world. i swear if i could, i would just move into an ikea store and never leave.

  7. Are you talking about this one: ? because if so, YES, LOVE IT. Oh, the things I'd put on those shelves. You're making me excited with all of your apartment talk! Hahahahah I have far too many white boxes. Every time I go to Ikea I seem to think I need more, but nopeeee, I really don't. ;)
    YES i want to live in an ikea store. how amazing would that be? Last year I heard about some competition where people won a sleepover in a store! I'd so be like K I'M NEVER LEAVING NOW. :D
    I should upload new photos of my room and show everyone the extent of my Ikea obsession, hahahaha. :)

  8. yep, that's the room! i could use with just a few more boxes because i had 2 and then took one that my sister wasn't using hehe. i need a few more to put my dvds in. oh my gosh... a competition for a sleepover in the store??!! oh how i would looove that!! i would never leave either. i can't wait to see updated pictures of your room. i'm finally going to make new curtains for my window, so i can't wait to see how they turn out.