FIVE FAVES: The Simple Things.

Hey guys! It's been a busy week. My new job is turning out to be pretty great, mostly thanks to the amazing people who work with me. My bank account is loving the attention, too! In my spare time this week I hung out with friends drinking peach schnapps and watching horror movies & wandered around the city with another friend in search of pancakes. (We found them!) Queer As Folk feels have been taking up much of my time, too. I thought working all weekend would be hell, but it's Sunday evening and I'm in a pretty fabulous mood (*knocks on wood*). I came home from work with two bunches of flowers and my mum said, "Two for $10? Yeah, you got sucked in." Whatever, my room is full of prettiness now.

I'm going to start a series of posts called FIVE FAVES. It's a simple idea: once a week I will post a roundup of my favourite things (I use this term loosely - could refer to products, people, items or media).

  1. Brian/Justin - FEELS EVERYWHERE. I literally ache whenever I think of them. This can't be healthy, I know. It's been over three years and I'm still not over them! They are LIFE RUINERS. (I'll go into more detail one day, I promise.)
  2. My precious bed - incredibly thankful for this, especially this week. Most nights I fell asleep before 10pm, which, if you know me, is pretty weird. I was that exhausted. And my bed is that comfy. Not to mention how much I love Hannah's company.
  3. Peach Schnapps - Tried this for the first time at a friend's house. Ran out to buy a bottle of my own. YUM.
  4. St Ives Apricot Scrub - The best wake up call ever. This was recommended to me by a friend and I honestly love it. The scrub is the perfect consistency - not too harsh or too soft. And afterwards my face feels like a baby's.
  5. "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" - This is such a hyper song. It can get me into a good mood basically anytime. I really should add it to my running playlist. That'd be nice.

What are you loving this week?


  1. I'm glad your job is going great!! =)
    And yay for the Apricot scrub (Y)
    I am loving freedom/holidays this week wheee =)

  2. Yay for a job!! I love that st ives apricot scrub too! i'm out and keep forgetting to buy more oops hehe. and love the idea of doing a favorite things post. :) oh, i don't know if you would do a post on this or not, but i love your clothes (i was going through your old photos on instagram and seeing all the cute sweaters, shirts and jeans you have) and would love to see what your favorite items of clothing is and/or favorite places to shop.

  3. lovely! love this idea for a post too :) i gave up on my friday favourites after one post haha.

  4. noooooo i have to go to class tomorrow morning :( booface. <3

  5. haha i'm usually the opposite - buying heaps more even when i don't need it.
    i'm flattered that you think so! i'll definitely start making up a post on it. usually i don't think of myself as the most fashionable person but i like what i wear and i'm glad you do too. :)

    your icon is the cutest, by the way hahaha <3

  6. yeeeeahhhh, i'm hoping i can keep this going. haha

  7. i do the same too so it's surprising i'm out of face wash but i've got plenty of lotion, shampoo, and body spray haha. oh and also maybe add accessories too because the bracelets you had in the nail polish post were adorable. i'm thinking about just making one similar to the blue one you have. but yes your clothes are adorable. :)

    and thanks! that is one of my favorite cat pictures on the internet. i can't wait for the day i get my own apartment and will be able to get myself a kitty.

  8. ooh, okay, will do! I have already started choosing photos and whatnot. feels so awkward to me hahaha but i'll give it a go. :)


  9. I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub - makes me feel so pretty!!! :) Also, I really like that song. My friend made me listen to it and it's been on my running playlist ever since :D