clean your teeth with bubblegum!

Inspired by Erin's post, here is a bunch of photos from my childhood. Baby!Dinah was a bit of a cutie, yes? :)

← (left)
Explorers! Me on the left and my brother
in the backyard at our childhood home.
(right) →
Sharing a room was too cozy! (apparently!)
Or maybe my brother thought i was the bees knees
← (left)
My brother and his new game.
Also featuring: my favourite pjs
(right) →
Throwing a tantrum?
I don't even know....
← (left)
My dad, my tricycle and my shocked face.
(right) →
Me as a fairy. This started a tradition.
Every year at Christmas I'd dress up.
There are many many embarrassing photos.
Also: check out the skinny ass tree behind me.
← (left)
Fact about me: I like to eat.
Especially sand. Sand is the best. :)
(right) →
Sitting in the tree at my grandparents' house.
I freakin' lived in that tree.
← (left)
First day of school!
Do you like my maxi dress? Hahahahaha
(right) →
Avid reader from a young age. ;)
← (left)
My fifth birthday!
That was a good one... :)
(right) →
I love this photo.
Return of the awesome pjs!
I think this was at my brother's birthday party.
There was a ~camping theme~ but I was banned from the tents.
So I went to bed holding my glow stick and cried.

Hope you liked that! Want to share some baby photos of your own? Please do!


  1. Omgsh that last pic is adorable!!! <3
    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    You seemed quite girly hehehehehehehe
    Also, how did your hair colour change from that golden colour? lol

  2. awwww, these are so cute!!! you and your brother look so alike!

  3. SO CUTE OH MY GOD! I find it hilarious that basically everyone has a picture of themselves crying when they were a baby - it's like our parents first thought is to take a picture when we're upset lol

  4. GIrly because my parents dressed me in purple and pink? hahahaha I don't know, maybe I was. I always liked climbing trees and riding bikes and I wasn't into dolls until I was about 11, lol.
    I have no idea! The same thing happened with my brother, though - all his baby photos show him blonde. It's almost orange in that sand photo, though! Weird.

  5. YES. I KNOW RIGHT???? For years I have been asking why that photo exists. Seriously, what the hell. hahahahaha :)