Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine EDT, Thomas bed by Incy Interiors, Cambridge Satchel Company leather satchel from Asos, The Great Gatsby fleece by Out Of Print, canvas tote bag by Kikki K, 1&20 Blackbirds knit jumper from The Iconic, Victoria bag by Sportsgirl, Disney's Eeyore onesie from Ebay

Hello. It's 10:38pm and I'm snuggled up in bed (as I usually am when I'm blogging, haha) after a wonderful first week of uni. My week is actually only three days which means I have a four day weekend to sleep/study/look for a job. And I'm trying for the last one, I promise. But I've also promised myself that I'm going to do much better this semester. I'm taking psych and it's going to be awesome, okay? I'm going to kick psych's ass. And beat everyone else in the class, hahaha. :) Basically I'm going to actually try because I have survived 1.5 years of uni with a minimal amount of effort. Just think how well I could do if I tried! So yeah, that's a thing that's going to happen. Tomorrow I'm going to read everything for next week. And I'm going to run. Yes, now it's written here it must be done! :)

Also I'm seriously considering getting down and dirty with blogger's markup and actually forming some legitimate layouts for people to use because (a) there are few that I could find to love and (b) I really like doing that. I'm a cool kid, forreals. ;)

Anyway, I compiled this wishlist because (a) I can't stop thinking about these things (b) it's incentive to find myself a job and (c) I still can't form cohesive comments about Suits so this post will have to do for now.

The Marc Jacobs perfume is what I'm dying for right now. As for the Cambridge bag, I LOVE IT but I really can't afford it. Thus the Sportsgirl bag which is pretty cute and I'm probably eventually going to get it. The Thomas bed is such a fantasy - I'm imagining it in my very own apartment with all of my furniture and my stuff set out just right. The Kikki K canvas tote bag is mega cute and matches my favourite pen. I have a newfound love for lavender things and the unicorn jumper tickes my fancy. And I have had my eyes on an Eeyore onesie since Summer, so this is not surprising at all.

What are you wishing for? How many days until Christmas now? :D


  1. Oh so pretty
    Yes the perfume!!!!
    and the tote is so cute and the bag suits you
    oh and the onsie!!! totally suits you lol hahahaha =)

  2. You can picture me in that onesie, can't you? :D ahhahahaha <3