Spring Peaches

(I wish there were such things as spring peaches.) This post is brought to you from my snuggly bed (where I'm almost always blogging). I have been wearing an Eeyore onesie all weekend. On that note, I present to you an outfit post: Dinah-style (which essentially means this is what I wore but I'm far too awkward to model and besides my blue wall is quite beautiful anyway).

Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Jumper: Dotti / Shorts: Riders by Lee (from Myer) / Shoes: Converse

I bought the orange jumper on the weekend in the midst of a 9am I-want-breakfast-already-where-are-you-mum stupor. The shops were empty and it was there and on sale and in a reasonable size so I pounced. At first I wasn't sure whether I could pull orange off but thankfully this pastel shade is really subtle and soft. Layering a cute oxford shirt under jumpers seems to be a favourite thing of mine lately. It's convenient too - if I get too hot I can just lose the jumper because the shirt is enough for Sydney's weirdly Spring-ish weather. Plus, I think it looks cool. (Why so preppy, Dinah?)

Most shorts that I find these days seem to be either the tight, skinny, knee-length kind or else they're hotpants. And sure, hotpants are great for some, in fact they're pretty damn hot on some people but my chunky thighs do not approve of them. It's probably not as bad as I think but I tend to be very self-conscious about my thigh/butt area and so I really like something more to cover them. And the skinny knee ones are okay but damn they get hot! And thus, these are perfect. They hit about mid-thigh but I find that I can yank them up higher to be shorter or have them lower on my butt to be loose and cute, etc. I've actually never owned a pair of Riders and wow, I love these. The material feels properly made and sturdy and they are ridiculously comfortable. I'd definitely recommend them!

My good old Converse. We've been through hell and back together. Never splitting up. ♥ (Yeah, I'm emotionally attached to a pair of shoes.)

What are accessories? LOL. I need to work on that.

I got this OPI polish for half price! It's called "Too Many Clowns, Too Little Time" and personally I love it. I was looking for a neutralish colour that wasn't too white or silver and this one honestly takes the cake. It's slightly pinkish but not too much and when it's on it looks so neat and classy without being overly obvious. Good pick, Dinah. :) And some new underwear (because who doesn't love Bonds?).

Changed my layout's header because the blue and the font was annoying the hell out of me. Also I'm a sleepy kat (if you hadn't already realised, lol) and stars seem sleepy and so yeah. There's the profound explanation. I'm kind of tempted to do a total layout redo but that sounds like so much effort and I'm not even sure what I want just yet. Sigh, my perfectionism is so annoying.

Currently Watching: Queer as Folk ♥
Currently Reading: Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides (and a hell of a lot more fanfic that I'm going to admit to)
Currently Listening to: My playlist 'Postal Horses' - selection of songs by The Postal Service and Band of Horses


  1. not gonna lie, i was expecting a post about peaches. but i wasn't disappointed because that jumper omg <3

    Also, Middlesex is a great book!

  2. I want to post about peaches! Hahahah <3 Maybe I will once summer rolls around. ;)

    Yes! I'm still on the first chapter though :P

  3. Ahh I love the outfit! I was quite attached to my converses back in the day too :P
    That OPI polish is gorgeous. What's the texture/consistency like? I struggle with their neutral polishes.

  4. The consistency is fine! (At least this bottle is!) Usually with Sally Hansen polishes I have to thin it out a bit with remover but this one seems perfect. I have had a bad OPI experience in the past - very lumpy and thick but I'm going to blame that on the manicure salon not OPI. :) What other neutrals have you tried?

  5. Omgsh I was going to buy that jumper haha =)
    Dotti is having a pretty good sale these days
    And those shorts!! <3333 so pretty!! =)
    And the nail polish hehe =)

  6. haha we could be jumper twins! :) yeah! i was surprised it was so cheap! Their coloured jeans look gorgeous, but omg money.
    YES! hahaha good choice! <3

  7. your clothes are so cute, i want your wardrobe. i love those shorts. i've been trying to find some perfect shorts too but i don't like them too short and it's so hot here in the summer for longer ones. also that nail polish color is so pretty.

  8. i feel you with the shorts dilemma! thank you! :)