Saturday is Caturday ❀

I AM IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD RIGHT NOW. I just got back from a 5.6km run wherein I broke my distance and speed records, met an adorable kitty, found five bucks and basically kicked ass. It's such a great feeling, ugh. I fucking love running. If I ever lose my confidence and stop again can somebody please force me to start again? You'd really be doing me a huge favour. It's like I'm running and I'm covered in sweat and the breeze feels so nice and my ginormous thighs are getting in the way of each other (lol) but I don't really care because I'm running and nothing can stop me and there's a low hanging branch up ahead so I sprint and jump to high five it and someone driving past gives me a look and I grin and keep running.

Earlier today I took my beautiful blue chucks out for a spin (hehe) with my camera and various pairs of sunglasses. Although really it was just an excuse to frolick in the sunshine. Being Saturday, the park was full of people and dogs watching me being weird with my camera and so I awkwardly shuffled away to a secluded corner of the park/cemetery (weird, right?). And then I kneeled in the mud and sat on the wet grass and got my jeans spectacularly dirty. Oops? Hehe. Fortunately my beautiful shoes managed to avoid the massacre. ;)

I'm in such a good mood that I don't mind that I look 200% awkward in these photos and my jeans are tight tight tight. And as for my stupid poses? Let's call it irony and move on.

Tonight: well-earned shower, some kind of pasta for dinner & then marathoning either Fringe or Suits. Quality Saturday night, imo. Hope everyone is having a good day! And if not... run! Hehe. :)

Currently watching: Fringe or Suits, whatever floats my boat tonight
Currently reading: Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides (plus loads of shitty fanfiction haha)
Currently listening: Old school Big Bang! (because it's that kind of mood)


  1. You make me want to buy some converse. They're so pretty!
    I'm glad you're in a good mood! =)

  2. :') meeeeow!
    hehe yes, all of the converse ;)

  3. i've always owned dark coloured converse shoes because they always get dirty but your blue ones are so pretty I WANTTTTTTT

  4. hahah yes, me too! for exactly the same reason! but i love these blue ones. I took them out today and they got a teeeeensie bit dirty. Whoops. Time to find the scrubbing brush! lol