Sydney, as seen from Cremorne Point (last month)

What up, weekend? I promised that today would be practical but I have sort of failed in that department. Spent the morning lying in bed reading Suits fanfic, until I came across this bag on Asos and fell in love. Spent the next couple of hours sharing my love for it with the world and searching for cheaper copies until my mother emailed me to say that I should spend a day in a refugee camp. Hmm. Well, yeah, she has a point. Enough of greediness! I'm lucky I have everything that I do. After a sinfully hot shower (mmm, my favourite) I put on some lovely music and remade my bed, cleaned my room, etc etc. Somehow I also managed to change my uni timetable so it's now to close to perfect! I can't believe it. Lucky timing, I guess. :)

There's nothing much around my house to take photos of today. I'm going to spend the afternoon studying she said. I'm excited about getting my Moleskine diary back to its former beauty. Last year a friend of mine and I made a game of prettifying our Moleskines and posting them each month. Unfortunately I have stopped the habit and from winter break, my diary has many, many empty pages. I'll have to fix that. The good thing about going back to uni is that the pages are now adorned with lovely highlighted To Do notes.

Gave my cat a warm pack thingy on a cold wintery night and she fell drunk with happiness. :')