Hundred Acre Wood.

♦ ONE ♦

Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it.

Spring has sprung! ❀

Today I had a good hair day and so I thought I ought to make the most of it. :) Today's top of 27°C had me in such a silly, summery mood so I just went for it. These photos were a lot of fun to take. At first it was awkward, prancing around in the backyard between the fence and my camera and back again, but I got used to it. I'll tell you what, though: I'd really like to buy myself a camera remote. Pretty sure I got a good workout running back and forth and squatting in front of the camera while it counted down.

Of course, as soon as Golden Hour was upon me, I realised my camera battery was dead. Typical. As a result I missed the sun. You can see it on the trees behind me, running away. Noooo, come back! :( Funny story: my cat was nearby, hissing at my neighbour's cat which was on the other side of the fence. So in between shots I was saying, "yo bitches, tear each others' hair out later" (if you get that reference then you are my favourite ♥).

shirt: Urban Outfitters (LOVE THIS SHIRT, 5/5 stars)
necklace: Dogeared
earrings: Forever New ($5!)
infinity ring: Melbourne's Victoria Markets
flower: Ikea

Please excuse my lazy-ass black leggings. At least I didn't wear my pyjama pants. Oh and somebody needs to teach me how to lipstick. ;) I'm hopeless.

Photos: © asleepykat // Canon 600D, 50mm f/1.8

a sleepy face.

This is the face of A Sleepy Kat (HA) with messily-attempted eyeliner from this morning's rush to get ready. My eyelashes and cheekbones seem to be working for me here! Sorry. Is that vain? I wouldn't know.

I'm so tired. *collapses* It's my own fault - I was up most of the night finishing the first season of Friday Night Lights. Oops. Somehow I managed to drag myself to uni on time this morning and then I spent the remainder of the day wandering around the shops aimlessly, putting off the dreaded walk home up the mountain. (Also known as the steep hill. I'm dramatic.)

What a large photo of my face. I apologise for the intrusion. See my new helix piercing. And the bags under my eyes. (I'm a class act.)

Spring, I'm ready for you!

Ahh, my lovely bed. Excuse me while I go and push everything off it and crawl under the covers. It's bedtime, dammit.

My Winnie the Pooh post is still in the works. Keep an ear out! xox

Missing this.

Balmoral Beach, NSW, November 2012
(Taken on my crappy phone camera)

I miss the warmth and the peaches and the birthdays and Christmas excitement. Also the cherries and warm Summer nights lying under the fan. Spring's so close I can almost taste it. I'm so ready for you, Summer! Also happy Hump Day - we're almost at the weekend!

There's a lovely long and rambly rant on how much I love Winnie the Pooh almost ready to be posted. ~Coming soon~

slow down, you're moving too fast.

I miss this person.

She had things figured out - a hell of a lot more than I do. She knew what she liked, she knew what she didn't. She still believed in things and she had a beautiful and easy smile. Happiness came easy for her. And when it didn't, she got over it. She was never ashamed of who she was. She could make some pretty great scrambled eggs and was so close to doing the splits. She had high hopes for life - not necessarily knowing where she'd go and what she'd do but she knew she'd be okay. She was also pretty damn skinny but didn't care about her image in the slightest. She was incredible. And the saddest part is that she never knew.

(Photo was taken in 2005, presumably by my mother, on the day of my primary school graduation when I was twelve.)

Spring Peaches

(I wish there were such things as spring peaches.) This post is brought to you from my snuggly bed (where I'm almost always blogging). I have been wearing an Eeyore onesie all weekend. On that note, I present to you an outfit post: Dinah-style (which essentially means this is what I wore but I'm far too awkward to model and besides my blue wall is quite beautiful anyway).

Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Jumper: Dotti / Shorts: Riders by Lee (from Myer) / Shoes: Converse

I bought the orange jumper on the weekend in the midst of a 9am I-want-breakfast-already-where-are-you-mum stupor. The shops were empty and it was there and on sale and in a reasonable size so I pounced. At first I wasn't sure whether I could pull orange off but thankfully this pastel shade is really subtle and soft. Layering a cute oxford shirt under jumpers seems to be a favourite thing of mine lately. It's convenient too - if I get too hot I can just lose the jumper because the shirt is enough for Sydney's weirdly Spring-ish weather. Plus, I think it looks cool. (Why so preppy, Dinah?)

Most shorts that I find these days seem to be either the tight, skinny, knee-length kind or else they're hotpants. And sure, hotpants are great for some, in fact they're pretty damn hot on some people but my chunky thighs do not approve of them. It's probably not as bad as I think but I tend to be very self-conscious about my thigh/butt area and so I really like something more to cover them. And the skinny knee ones are okay but damn they get hot! And thus, these are perfect. They hit about mid-thigh but I find that I can yank them up higher to be shorter or have them lower on my butt to be loose and cute, etc. I've actually never owned a pair of Riders and wow, I love these. The material feels properly made and sturdy and they are ridiculously comfortable. I'd definitely recommend them!

My good old Converse. We've been through hell and back together. Never splitting up. ♥ (Yeah, I'm emotionally attached to a pair of shoes.)

What are accessories? LOL. I need to work on that.

I got this OPI polish for half price! It's called "Too Many Clowns, Too Little Time" and personally I love it. I was looking for a neutralish colour that wasn't too white or silver and this one honestly takes the cake. It's slightly pinkish but not too much and when it's on it looks so neat and classy without being overly obvious. Good pick, Dinah. :) And some new underwear (because who doesn't love Bonds?).

Changed my layout's header because the blue and the font was annoying the hell out of me. Also I'm a sleepy kat (if you hadn't already realised, lol) and stars seem sleepy and so yeah. There's the profound explanation. I'm kind of tempted to do a total layout redo but that sounds like so much effort and I'm not even sure what I want just yet. Sigh, my perfectionism is so annoying.

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Currently Listening to: My playlist 'Postal Horses' - selection of songs by The Postal Service and Band of Horses

self-confessed goo hoarder.

Many months ago I was tagged by my friend Des (@elledesire on instagram) to post a photo of what makeup/beauty products I regularly use. After a gentle nudge from her, I'm finally getting around to doing it. ;) By the way, it wasn't until I sat down to write this post that I realised just how much goo I have. Oops.

MAKEUP REGULARS. This is my usual routine. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll leave it at bb cream and mascara. It's sufficient, haha. (I've never been one for eyeshadow or blush - my face is red enough hahaha!)

Rimmel BB Cream / This stuff is ace. That's all that needs to be said. Rimmel Foundation / I'm not totally happy with my foundation but this one works for now and I can't be bothered to try a new one and I'm totally broke anyway so I need to use it all up before I even consider buying something else. Yeah... It does the job. Napoleon Perdis concealer / I love this one. It lasts such a long time! I think it might actually be foundation and if you mix it with moisturiser it works pretty well. This is one of my favourite products and essential for trying to cover up evidence of late night TV marathons. Maybelline eyeliner This is my very first liquid eyeliner. I finally got the courage to move up to liquid after hating the smudges that pencils and gels bring. It was difficult at first but I've got the hang of it now. I love winged eyeliner. That's my usual. MAC mascara / The MAC mascara is okay... but I'm not entirely sure it's worth it. I'm the type of person who thinks that the mascara actually does matter. (I remember Jenna Marbles saying they're all the same. NO.) The cheaper brands I've tried kind of suck so the MAC one is great in comparison to that. The best mascaras I ever had were from Avon and I loved them to pieces. Unfortunately I have lost my Avon contact (she worked with my mum) and I'm too awkward to 'request' a new one. So MAC will do. But it's running out so I'm going to need to find something else. Suggestions?

SHOWER REGULARS. Just kidding. I don't use all of these every day. I like to ~mix it up. Also I have a terrible habit of buying new products because they smell lovely even when I don't need anything and thus I have far too many body washes than can be necessary for anyone. Yeah, I'm a goo hoarder.

Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash / this is my favourite favourite favourite of everything. It smells lovely, it makes my skin soft and smooth, it's soft but foams up to a perfect lather. Ahh, so much love. Head & Shoulders shampoo/conditioner Ehhh. I don't love this but I don't hate it. It does the job, I guess. Organix shampoo/conditioner / these smell delicious. But I don't love them for some reason. I alternate between these and H&S (and sometimes mix and match). Whatever. Dove exfoliating facial cleanser I love this product! It's the right blend of soft and rough and it leaves me face feeling so smooth. The bottle says to use it daily, but I don't. Instead I use it every couple of days and the rest of the time I use... QV wash(forgot to take a photo!) So soft! So smooth! So lovely! This is a really gentle wash, perfect for sensitive skin and cutie little faces. It's good for all over your body, too. Body Shop Vineyard Peach shower gel Ugh, this one smells delicious. Totally worth stalking every single Body Shop store for. Whenever I use it, in the bath or shower, it makes the bathroom smell so lovely. The only thing I dislike about it is that the smell doesn't stay on your skin. Like, at all. I know, BOOO. But it's still lovely. Body Shop Peach body scrub I don't know about this one, to be honest. It was given to me as a gift because I loved the peach shower gel so much and sure, it still has the delicious scent but I don't think I like it as a scrub. Instead of exfoliating my skin in a lovely way, it somehow manages to be too hard and too gentle at the same time. But hey, I might be doing it wrong. Thoughts on that one? (It's a lovely scent!) Johnson's Kids Watermelon Top-To-Toe wash Ugh, childhood favourite. I still stock up on bottles when I run out. It has such a lovely smell and feels so gentle and kiddy. It's so nice to lather it all over myself, including my hair, when I'm tired or lazy and then just crawl into bed and have sweet, sweet watermelon dreams. Johnson's shower gel Bought this one because it (a) was on sale and (b) smelled delicious. I love using it for a bubble bath. (Showering is basically a hobby for me HAHAHA #awkward)

ETC. or miscellaneous. Whatever floats your boat.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh I don't love this one as much as I love the original Daisy or the new daisy sunshine but it's still a brilliant perfume. Unfortunately I have almost run out. The silver lining is that now I have an excuse to be poking around the Myer fragrance section, eyes glued to Daisy Sunshine. Hehe. Dove silky nourishing body cream As I was telling Des last night, I have far too many moisturisers. I buy them and then don't like them (I have very sensitive skin!) and they just pile up. This one is my favourite. It's lovely after a good exfoliate, and does wonders for my poor, pathetic feet. Also it smells lovely: of happy dreams and fluffy, white doonas. Lucas' Papaw Ointment I don't know about you, but I'm prone to chapped lips, basically all year round. It sucked, until I discovered this. Honestly, it's wonderful. Don't know what I'd do without it. I carry a tube everywhere with me and leave another beside my bed for middle-of-the-night ouchies.

So those are my regulars. What do you use? Any suggestions? Or differing opinions? :)

my eyes can't look at you any other way.

see this photo on flickr

I tried. I fucking tried to be able to write personal things in a public sphere but then viewers happened and MPS labelled me as a "photography blog" and I don't know how the fuck I feel about that to be quite honest. The recognition is wonderful and flattering but it feels a bit like I'm being boxed in and I have to stick to what I started with. And I haaaate the thought of that. So tonight, instead of flicking through the bunch of semi-narcissistic photos I took earlier today and posting them online, I merely copied and pasted a quote from an old tumblr post that hints at the things I'm feeling. God, this feels terrible. I have so much to say and yet I feel like I can't! The situation is not helped by the fact that earlier I was browsing "how to be a successful blogger" type articles and they were all about having a clear topic and niche and being constant and consistent and FUCK THAT SHIT to be quite honest with you. And to make things even worse, I maybe might have mentioned my blog to my mum and brother who were very curious and BLAH WHY DID I DO THAT. (We were driving up the freeway. There was a moment of quiet. Seemed like it wanted to be filled with natter.)

Anyway, want to know my opinion? (Yes, you do. Shut up.) This is how you become a successful blogger: you blog. (There is no step two!) And if you're defining "successful" as famous and revenue-generating and fashionable and trendy then HAHAHAHA at you. I'd consider my blog beyond successful if I posted here frequently for at least a year without needing to hold back.

I have been thinking about it. All the competition and view count thingies has me too stressed. So fuck it. I don't need to be famous or popular. I'm totally fine with the fact that the only people who comment on my posts are people I've paid to read them (LOL jk jk jk, I merely battered my eyelashes at them). Being popular really isn't my thing. Chasing ~internet fame? Wow. I'm blogging because I love it and because it's a helpful creative outlet for my moods. And if I inspire you in some way? Great! I'm happy for you! But let me be clear: this blog is for me, not you. Don't you dare try to push me in a corner.

(I'm a photographer but I'm also a writer and a damn person with feelings and ideas and I'm not going to try and separate those parts of me just for the sake of internet popularity.)

Subtext: I'm moody and grumpy and sad about my dead cat and I took a double dose of medication because I forgot the other day (whoops) so my head is like a circus right now.

Saturday is Caturday ❀

I AM IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD RIGHT NOW. I just got back from a 5.6km run wherein I broke my distance and speed records, met an adorable kitty, found five bucks and basically kicked ass. It's such a great feeling, ugh. I fucking love running. If I ever lose my confidence and stop again can somebody please force me to start again? You'd really be doing me a huge favour. It's like I'm running and I'm covered in sweat and the breeze feels so nice and my ginormous thighs are getting in the way of each other (lol) but I don't really care because I'm running and nothing can stop me and there's a low hanging branch up ahead so I sprint and jump to high five it and someone driving past gives me a look and I grin and keep running.

Earlier today I took my beautiful blue chucks out for a spin (hehe) with my camera and various pairs of sunglasses. Although really it was just an excuse to frolick in the sunshine. Being Saturday, the park was full of people and dogs watching me being weird with my camera and so I awkwardly shuffled away to a secluded corner of the park/cemetery (weird, right?). And then I kneeled in the mud and sat on the wet grass and got my jeans spectacularly dirty. Oops? Hehe. Fortunately my beautiful shoes managed to avoid the massacre. ;)

I'm in such a good mood that I don't mind that I look 200% awkward in these photos and my jeans are tight tight tight. And as for my stupid poses? Let's call it irony and move on.

Tonight: well-earned shower, some kind of pasta for dinner & then marathoning either Fringe or Suits. Quality Saturday night, imo. Hope everyone is having a good day! And if not... run! Hehe. :)

Currently watching: Fringe or Suits, whatever floats my boat tonight
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Currently listening: Old school Big Bang! (because it's that kind of mood)

Truths about me:

  • Most of the time I am sad for no particular reason.
  • Sometimes that sadness spirals out of control and I wonder why I'm still here.
  • Sometimes I'm so freaking happy that I could burst.
  • (I often wonder if I'm bipolar.)
  • Winnie the Pooh and any of A. A Milne's writings make me feel better, usually
  • I'm torn between wanting to be a kid again and wanting to be a proper adult
  • I like cats and E. E Cummings and Christmastime
  • I like to write and people have said I do so quite well
  • I either don't believe them or I think, "duh".
  • I like to take photos of things, all of the time. A teeny tiny percentage of them end up on here.
  • I'm sensitive and easily made jealous. I hate jealously. It is the actual worst.
  • Blogging seems to give me something to do. That and I like writing my feelings down. It's like I'm a real person.
  • I can picture myself in a tiny apartment in the future. I don't know how to get there.
  • Eeyore is my spirit animal and I sometimes wonder about the correlation between him and my health.
  • More than anything, I'd like to go overseas. Germany, followed by the USA and UK and everywhere in between.
  • The most played song on my iPod is Feeling Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel, followed closely by No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses.
  • I'm pretty capricious.
  • I really like the word 'capricious'.
  • Speaking of, I collect words that I like.
  • I'm such a Goddamn writer. This both excites and terrifies me.

rekindled love.

Dinah: making silly outfit choices since 1993. (But I still like this photo so hehe.)

Last Tuesday afternoon, in a fit of anger and frustration, I somehow found myself sprinting down the road nearby my house. And not delicately jogging, either; angry, loud thumping footsteps and the wind in my face so much it was drawing out tears. It was the best.

I hadn't been running since the Mothers Day Classic race back in May when I disappointed myself with my time (although in hindsight, it wasn't that bad) and sobbed my little heart out before quitting. I stopped because I lost confidence in myself and thought it would be better to not try than to try and fail. Spoiler alert: it's not. For me, running is fantastic. I'm not the fastest or the best but I do really freakin' enjoy it.

Of course, after months of being a lazy ass and then suddenly running a 5k, my body didn't really like it. Two days later and my muscles still hate me. Whoops? But at least I didn't do it halfway. And the muscle pain? Best thing ever. My time for the 5k was surprisingly better than i thought it would be, considering how I was so out of practice. There's nothing more satisfying than waking up to muscle aches. It's basically your body saying "you go girl!"

It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop. - Wisdom of Confucius

My love for running was quite surprising as I used to hate any and all kinds of exercise. In my short little life I have tried many sports and eventually quit every single one of them: netball, gymnastics, Oz Tag, tennis, etc. But for the past year or two I have been completely in love with two sports: running and pilates.

Some days when I'm really stressed or angry I'll go for a run and sprint all the frustration out. It's ridiculously effective. And afterwards there's runners' high, brought on by endorphins and the fact that you broke your PB. Treadmills just don't cut it. I need the wind across my cheeks and the pavement under my feet and the sights to see. I love discovering new places in my neighbourhood. In fact, on Tuesday, I ran until I noticed the sky was black above me and the rain was about to drop and only then did I start to wonder where I was. As it turns out, pretty far away from home. And then I had to beat the rain to my house. Fun times! I live in an area with lots of steep hills, and that can often be a pain in the ass (literally!). But hill sprints, although painful, are so damn addictive. I love the burn. Especially the morning after. ;)

For me running is magical because it takes the need to be skinny out of my head and replaces it with a need to be strong and fast. Fitspo, not thinspo. Remember that one.

Tips for new runners:

  • Just run. Don't worry about what anyone thinks about you because I swear nobody cares what you look like or how fast you're going. And if you're embarrassed, run faster! Run so fast that you're a blur and nobody can see you. Hehe, that's what I tell myself to do when I'm nervous about other people.
  • Get yourself some decent shoes. Tip: Nike free runs, although freaking beautiful, are terrible for your feet. I bought myself a pair before I knew about that. I know they're gorgeous and colourful and make you feel cute and sporty but if you've ever had to live with foot pain or shin splints, you'd know not to risk it. You really need the ugly, supportive shoes. The uglier, the better. Hahahaha, I'm kidding. But that's often the case.
  • Ladies, you're going to need a sports bra. Again, not the cute and colourful cropped tank top kind (because seriously, who are you kidding) but the kind that's a pain to get on and off and actually holds things down. They're not flattering, I know, but there's few things worse than having boobs flying in your face when you're trying to beat your time. And sure, if you want to, throw a cute and colourful one over the top. ;)
  • If you're having trouble, give Couch to 5K a try. I haven't tried it myself but a good friend of mine has and loves it.
  • Music. Maybe this isn't the case for everybody, but I need music. I'm terrible without it.
  • If you want a good app for your smartphone, try the Nike+ Running app. It's great. There are goals and friends and records to break and music and "powersongs". It really is the package deal. The one teeny tiny thing I dislike about the Nike app is the fact that it chews my battery like it hasn't been fed in a month. Which, you know, sucks, but it might not be the case for everyone. Still, if it is an issue for you, try Endomondo, which I have personally used and loved. I only switched to Nike when my friends started using it.
  • You will improve. Chances are you're going to suck at first but hang in there and you'll be able to go far and fast in no time.
  • And one of the most important: If you still look good when you're done, you haven't done it right.

No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch.

Oh yeah, and one last thing: don't run in converse. I've tried and failed. It hurts more than Nike frees. This post's photo is just because I'm lying in bed and don't have anything more relevant. ;) Do you run?

ALSO: I am slowly working on crossing things off my To-Do List as well as adding more. "Start running again" was one of the items on the list. See the full list here.

an existential crisis

When I get sad, I get really sad. It's not fun. Often that brings about an existential crisis of sorts. What is the point? We're all going to die in the end. Do we just get through these seventy-odd years, waiting for the end? Are we supposed to make a change on the Earth? Are we supposed to grow up and have a family - is that the point? Are we merely supposed to learn everything we can? Don't get me wrong - I'm not dismissing that there is a point. I'm just wondering what it is.

Thankfully I live near the sea. It's only about a half hour drive (without traffic) and I'm so grateful for it. I don't think I could ever live any further from the sea than this. I'd feel like I was trapped. For me, the ocean is the path to freedom. It's the way to the rest of the world. It's the opposite of being trapped in the middle of land. Earlier tonight I went to the beach and revalidated my belief in life. It was really that simple.

I don't know why we're here but looking at the ocean tonight, I didn't care. It doesn't matter why we're here but I think it's pretty amazing that we are on this beautiful Earth. So why don't we just enjoy it while we can? I really need to remind myself of this. I'm desperate for an anchor tattoo. To hell with regrets. If I'm going to be alive, I'm going to do it thoroughly.

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Poem © E. E Cummings / Photography &copy asleepykat

hello darkness, my old friend


Sydney, as seen from Cremorne Point (last month)

What up, weekend? I promised that today would be practical but I have sort of failed in that department. Spent the morning lying in bed reading Suits fanfic, until I came across this bag on Asos and fell in love. Spent the next couple of hours sharing my love for it with the world and searching for cheaper copies until my mother emailed me to say that I should spend a day in a refugee camp. Hmm. Well, yeah, she has a point. Enough of greediness! I'm lucky I have everything that I do. After a sinfully hot shower (mmm, my favourite) I put on some lovely music and remade my bed, cleaned my room, etc etc. Somehow I also managed to change my uni timetable so it's now to close to perfect! I can't believe it. Lucky timing, I guess. :)

There's nothing much around my house to take photos of today. I'm going to spend the afternoon studying she said. I'm excited about getting my Moleskine diary back to its former beauty. Last year a friend of mine and I made a game of prettifying our Moleskines and posting them each month. Unfortunately I have stopped the habit and from winter break, my diary has many, many empty pages. I'll have to fix that. The good thing about going back to uni is that the pages are now adorned with lovely highlighted To Do notes.

Gave my cat a warm pack thingy on a cold wintery night and she fell drunk with happiness. :')


Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine EDT, Thomas bed by Incy Interiors, Cambridge Satchel Company leather satchel from Asos, The Great Gatsby fleece by Out Of Print, canvas tote bag by Kikki K, 1&20 Blackbirds knit jumper from The Iconic, Victoria bag by Sportsgirl, Disney's Eeyore onesie from Ebay

Hello. It's 10:38pm and I'm snuggled up in bed (as I usually am when I'm blogging, haha) after a wonderful first week of uni. My week is actually only three days which means I have a four day weekend to sleep/study/look for a job. And I'm trying for the last one, I promise. But I've also promised myself that I'm going to do much better this semester. I'm taking psych and it's going to be awesome, okay? I'm going to kick psych's ass. And beat everyone else in the class, hahaha. :) Basically I'm going to actually try because I have survived 1.5 years of uni with a minimal amount of effort. Just think how well I could do if I tried! So yeah, that's a thing that's going to happen. Tomorrow I'm going to read everything for next week. And I'm going to run. Yes, now it's written here it must be done! :)

Also I'm seriously considering getting down and dirty with blogger's markup and actually forming some legitimate layouts for people to use because (a) there are few that I could find to love and (b) I really like doing that. I'm a cool kid, forreals. ;)

Anyway, I compiled this wishlist because (a) I can't stop thinking about these things (b) it's incentive to find myself a job and (c) I still can't form cohesive comments about Suits so this post will have to do for now.

The Marc Jacobs perfume is what I'm dying for right now. As for the Cambridge bag, I LOVE IT but I really can't afford it. Thus the Sportsgirl bag which is pretty cute and I'm probably eventually going to get it. The Thomas bed is such a fantasy - I'm imagining it in my very own apartment with all of my furniture and my stuff set out just right. The Kikki K canvas tote bag is mega cute and matches my favourite pen. I have a newfound love for lavender things and the unicorn jumper tickes my fancy. And I have had my eyes on an Eeyore onesie since Summer, so this is not surprising at all.

What are you wishing for? How many days until Christmas now? :D