whaddup, melbs!

Blimey. Catching up on blog posts after disappearing for weeks is no easy task! It makes me want to stop disappearing, haha. But I'm up and running as asleepykat now and that makes me happy. So here goes. Winter break is almost over; I go back to uni on Tuesday! Today I bought a huge pile of textbooks. Blah, goodbye money! Hahaha I'm kidding. I'm the kind of kid who thinks textbooks are pretty damn awesome and interesting (unless you're taking a boring class?). My weekend plans (which involve friends and pancakes and alcohol) are hanging in the air at the moment but if they fall through, I'll spend my last days of freedom photographing the sunshine and falling into the deep rabbit hole that is the Suits fandom. Sounds great, doesn't it? (Yes.)

This is a post about my recent trip to Melbourne. It was my first time visiting the city and I fell in love. I'd always felt slightly patriotic towards Sydney because it's my hometown and Melbourne seems to be our rival (lol) but to be honest.... I want to live in Melbourne. Well at least I think I do. My mum reckons that if the weather hadn't been so damn nice for four out of the five days that we were there, I'd probably have a different opinion. Whatever, I say.

My favourite thing was the trams. I'm easily entertained, I know. TING TING! On numerous days I walked around the city with my camera taking photos of the trams whilst the locals stared, probably thinking I was the most boring person on the planet. I just like them, okay? :D

Another thing that struck me about Melbourne was the beautiful old buildings and the cartoonish bare winter trees. There's just something so haunting about them. Or maybe I just like trees.

Brighton Beach was another favourite.

Melbourne University was gorgeous.

Quick trip to the aquarium!

Yeah, I like trees.

Coming from Sydney, I found the Yarra River a little bit underwhelming. But hey, I'm used to a giant harbour. Someday I'd really like to visit other parts of the river - perhaps along the NSW/VIC border.

Pieces of Melbourne: plane tickets, my trusty tram map, MYKI card, business card from a delicious restaurant, Monet's exhibition ticket & postcard, ACMI Hollywood Costume exhibition ticket.

As much as I loved Melbourne, it was great to come home. The great thing about holidays is that they make you appreciate home so much more. But I'll be back, Melbourne. Just you wait.