Doubling my meds made me incredibly volatile. When I first started on them this also happened but after a while I adjusted and I was fine. So hopefully my moods will calm down a little. It feels so weird, though. Like trying to explain PMS to an alien. It's hard to explain but I'm incredibly sensitive and it's like the slightest little trigger will send me spinning into a hole of negative thoughts and feelings. It's kind of like I'm sitting on the very edge of a diving board and even the slightest wind can push me into the pool. How's that for a metaphor, hmm? :)

I'm feeling okay today, though. Yesterday was a pretty damn good day too, although I received a package when I got home and it reminded me of all the money I've spent and all my regrets and ~~~~~ I spiraled. Wasn't much fun. But today I went out for a walk around Cremorne Point and I took a bunch of photos and I feel good.

Uni results are less than a week away! I'm excited. x

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