new beginnings.

Okay, well Livejournal has fucked up. I have been getting emails telling me my paid account is expiring soon as if they actually expect me to fork out more money for their website when they keep changing things that don't need to be fixed and blatantly refusing to listen to their paying customers. WHATEVER, Livejournal. We've had a good five years or so. You introduced me to some of my dearest friends. But that's it for us, okay? You're a lovely memory. I don't like Tumblr anymore either so here I am! I'm trying to sort out what to do about my two blogs (asleepykat and kathsah) because this one is my favourite but that one has the pretty pictures and BLAH can I just merge them together please? I also tend to write more personal things on here as if nobody is listening and I'd like to continue to feel that comfortable. I don't feel that was anymore with Kathsah. Why? Who knows. It'd be so much simpler to just have one blog and one username, wouldn't it? Hahahaha. Especially since I now have @asleepykat on twitter.

The thing is that I'm so used to being two separate people. There's the version of me that my school friends know - it's basically who I was in high school. And then there's the real me - the crazy, emotionally stunted, swears-like-a-sailor version of me. And there are my two blogs. HOW ON EARTH do I manage to blend them together? How can I become just one person? I'm tired of trying to be somebody I'm not. I've had enough. (I'm overthinking this, aren't I?) How do famous bloggers manage to balance writing about their personal lives while also keeping distant? IT'S TRICKY.

I started this blog because I loved the username and I wanted to code another layout. And then I started writing in it because journalling is so much easier with a keyboard and my psychologist wanted me to have ~me time~ while she was gone.

I guess reading this blog will allow people to learn more about me, whether they know me or not. Maybe I'll tell you everything. Or maybe I'll keep some things secret. (PRIVATE POSTS! HOW USEFUL!) But for now, let's do this? I'm going to move permanently to here.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve is a lot more difficult that I first thought. I'm so used to keeping things inside.

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