Beca/Jesse fanfic. The Sims 3. Hanging out with my brother. I guess you could say I've been pretty happy lately. Jasmine tea. Pho for lunch. Tiny packets of gummy bears.

My hair washing routine has been going great. Aside from that first Monday, I haven't cheated at all. And my hair actually feels/smells a lot better. Plus, and I'm hoping not to jinx this, but I think my pulling has definitely slowed to a dull crawl. Which is, you know, awesome. I think of myself with a fringe and it actually seems possible! Wow.

I'm happy and I feel like myself. Aside from those awkwardly uncomfortable volatile moments when I burst into tears for no apparent reason, of course. I have a date with Sabine on Skype tomorrow evening so we can watch Teen Wolf together. Yay! :)

So, yeah. Things are good. For now, anyway.

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