mid-week thoughties

Anyone notice how I have been posting daily as of late? Hehe, admire my dedication. I'm also under orders (or forceful suggestions) from my lovely crazy doctor (see also: psychologist, lol) to make time to reflect on things. It's kind of nice, actually. See how open I'm being? This is so new for me. Today I thought I saw somebody who used to give me panic attacks but nope, none for Gretchen Wieners today bye. I feel kind of badass today. Life's getting good, finally.

My baby girl from itshappydays has me hooked on Marc Jacobs' Sunshine perfume. Okay, fine, it's not her fault. It's my own for forgetting my umbrella and having to wander around the shopping centre while I waited for either (a) the rain to stop or (b) my kind mother to come and get me. Aaaaand David Jones was open late and what can I say? It just happened. The good thing is that now I'm 100% more motivated to find myself a job. Because PERFUME. (What can I say? I'm ambitious. Wink.)

My favourite fellow fangirl rabbitsfortea (who is very rabbit friendly, I promise) has me in a state of witty delusion thanks to our hyper tweeting regarding the latest Suits episode. So many Donna feels! She has recently skyrocked up to the top of my list of favourite female characters (he's near the top of Favourite Characters Overall but there are a few above her; see: Brian Kinney, Harvey Specter, Scott McCall, etc). I'm planning to make a cohesive (ish) post about my Suits feels once they reach regular level again. It's hard to articulate how much I love that show without sounding like a blithering idiot. But it's okay. There are a few who understand me. And I love you for that, my dears. ♥

Today was my first day of psychology! And maaaan, I forgot how annoyingly large first year classes are. You get some real idiots posting dumb questions on the forums. Le sigh. Aside from that, I'm pretty excited! I'm a bit nervous about the STAT part of it, but since I did General Maths in high school, I'm hoping it'll be a breeze. Point one for the General kids. :) And even if it is hard, I'm looking forward to being challenged. Something about reading philosophical texts just doesn't seem enough for me anymore. I want cold hard facts to study! And exams! Rather than four essays due on the one day. Yeahhhh, I didn't like that.

I'm ridiculously excited about the number of people who are planning to follow me over the Blogger following the demise of Livejournal. Eena, Aisha, I'm looking at you. :) And to everyone else: You're lovely, it's Wednesday, go cuddle your pet and tell someone you love them. Hehehehe.

Photo is an old one from FLickr because I'm tired and lazy and my stomach hurts, boo that.


  1. I love you (and your blog, so pretty!) like Donna loves Harvey. And that is saying a lot, if you know what I mean, which of course you do. See! You're not the only incoherent one :P

    SUITS! Till next week...

    1. MEOW I LOVE YOU MORE. (Although Donna loves Harvey a whole damn lot.... sooo...... ahhaha) And see? I tried to make a Suits post! It didn't really work hahahaha. <3



  4. Oops. I'm sorry. but it smells SO GOOD. why is perfume so expensive. it's just like flavoured water in a pretty bottle haha

  5. I KNOW RIGHT? So frustrating.