i'm bulletproof, nothing to lose

I've fallen into a Pitch Perfect induced hole of feelings. It's both terrible and beautiful. I don't even know how to explain it! Hahahaha but it's great because it feels so familiar. Can I just fall into the movie? That'd be nice. Anyway, I'm slowly trying to extricate myself from said hole. I painted my nails pink and I'm seeing Despicable Me 2 tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to going to Melbourne on the 14th. Oh, and uni results are released just a few days before that! See? I have a life outside fandom! (Ish...)

I may be a sleepy kat but I'm also pretty hyper (thanks to the music of Pitch Perfect and my general addiction to M&Ms) so I'm probably not going to be falling asleep any time soon, but oh well. I should try. My alarm clock is going off in 8.25 hours. And I like my beauty sleep. ;) CIAOOO

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