mid-week thoughties

Anyone notice how I have been posting daily as of late? Hehe, admire my dedication. I'm also under orders (or forceful suggestions) from my lovely crazy doctor (see also: psychologist, lol) to make time to reflect on things. It's kind of nice, actually. See how open I'm being? This is so new for me. Today I thought I saw somebody who used to give me panic attacks but nope, none for Gretchen Wieners today bye. I feel kind of badass today. Life's getting good, finally.

My baby girl from itshappydays has me hooked on Marc Jacobs' Sunshine perfume. Okay, fine, it's not her fault. It's my own for forgetting my umbrella and having to wander around the shopping centre while I waited for either (a) the rain to stop or (b) my kind mother to come and get me. Aaaaand David Jones was open late and what can I say? It just happened. The good thing is that now I'm 100% more motivated to find myself a job. Because PERFUME. (What can I say? I'm ambitious. Wink.)

My favourite fellow fangirl rabbitsfortea (who is very rabbit friendly, I promise) has me in a state of witty delusion thanks to our hyper tweeting regarding the latest Suits episode. So many Donna feels! She has recently skyrocked up to the top of my list of favourite female characters (he's near the top of Favourite Characters Overall but there are a few above her; see: Brian Kinney, Harvey Specter, Scott McCall, etc). I'm planning to make a cohesive (ish) post about my Suits feels once they reach regular level again. It's hard to articulate how much I love that show without sounding like a blithering idiot. But it's okay. There are a few who understand me. And I love you for that, my dears. ♥

Today was my first day of psychology! And maaaan, I forgot how annoyingly large first year classes are. You get some real idiots posting dumb questions on the forums. Le sigh. Aside from that, I'm pretty excited! I'm a bit nervous about the STAT part of it, but since I did General Maths in high school, I'm hoping it'll be a breeze. Point one for the General kids. :) And even if it is hard, I'm looking forward to being challenged. Something about reading philosophical texts just doesn't seem enough for me anymore. I want cold hard facts to study! And exams! Rather than four essays due on the one day. Yeahhhh, I didn't like that.

I'm ridiculously excited about the number of people who are planning to follow me over the Blogger following the demise of Livejournal. Eena, Aisha, I'm looking at you. :) And to everyone else: You're lovely, it's Wednesday, go cuddle your pet and tell someone you love them. Hehehehe.

Photo is an old one from FLickr because I'm tired and lazy and my stomach hurts, boo that.

dragonfly out in the sun

it's a new dawn,
it's a new day,
it's a new life
and i'm feeling good.


taking a break from coding to eat a Splice and frown at things

Today was my last day of winter break. I spent the morning printing unit guides and colour coding my notebook, writing down assessment dates and such. Being organised is kind of fun when there are colours involved. :) And then I begun trying to code a blogger layout for my friend. My relationship with HTML/CSS is so complicated - one minute we're in love and the next, we're enemies. Funny story, though: I spent the afternoon swearing at my laptop and asking Blogger why it hates me so much, only to discover the fix to my problem was simple. Ahh, story of my life. Now I'm snuggled in bed (early start tomorrow!) with my bag all packed and ready for big school. Hahaha, family joke. :)

I'm going to watch a couple of episodes of Suits. I'm so in love with that show. I'd love to make a post about it and share it with you but right now I can't really manage to transcribe my errant thoughts and feelings into cohesive statements. I'm basically a whole bundle of ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGHJ.

Happy Monday! Teen Wolf tomorrow! ♥

REVIEW: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides

This review may contain spoilers. Edited image from www.kirstenimages.com.

I first heard of The Virgin Suicides many years ago when I watched the film adaption of the book. It was different to other films of its time, or at least the films that I had seen, and I fell in love with it. Finally, this year, I managed to get around to reading it. How that happened is a slightly funny story - I wanted to buy a shirt from UrbanOutfitters.com but I needed to spend $50 in order to get free shipping. So what did I do? I added a pack of socks to my order along with this book. (It had a pretty cover. And for the record, the socks are pretty awesome too.) When the book arrived it was almost too pretty to touch. I had the feeling that this was going to be a book I'd fall in love with, and that made me want to postpone starting it. I wanted to savour the flavour, if you know what I mean. But then, on the aeroplane to Melbourne, stuck in the middle seat with a view of nothing and strangers on either side, my mother many many rows behind me (that's what you get for being two minutes late to baggage check in OOPS), I finally picked up the book.

"when she jumped she probably thought she'd fly"

We became acquainted with starry skies the girls had gazed at while camping years before, and the boredom of summers traipsing from back yard to front to back again, and even a certain indefinable smell that arose from toilets on rainy nights, which the girls called "sewery." We knew what it felt like to see a boy with his shirt off, and why it made Lux write the name Kevin in purple Magic Marker all over her three-ring binder and even on her bras and panties, and we understood her rage coming home one day to find that Mrs. Lisbon had soaked her things in Clorox, bleaching all the "Kevins" out. We knew the pain of winter wind rushing up your skirt, and the ache of keeping your knees together in class, and how drab and infuriating it was to jump rope while the boys played baseball. We could never understand why the girls cared so much about being mature, or why they felt compelled to compliment each other, but sometimes, after one of us had read a long portion of the diary out loud, we had to fight back the urge to hug one another or to tell each other how pretty we were. We felt the imprisonment of being a girl, the way it made your mind active and dreamy, and how you ended up knowing which colors went together. We knew that the girls were our twins, that we all existed in space like animals with identical skins, and that they knew everything about us though we couldn't fathom them at all. We knew, finally, that the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them. - Jeffery Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides

Just a taste of my favourite book. More to come, probably. Does anyone have a Goodreads account? This is mine.

whaddup, melbs!

Blimey. Catching up on blog posts after disappearing for weeks is no easy task! It makes me want to stop disappearing, haha. But I'm up and running as asleepykat now and that makes me happy. So here goes. Winter break is almost over; I go back to uni on Tuesday! Today I bought a huge pile of textbooks. Blah, goodbye money! Hahaha I'm kidding. I'm the kind of kid who thinks textbooks are pretty damn awesome and interesting (unless you're taking a boring class?). My weekend plans (which involve friends and pancakes and alcohol) are hanging in the air at the moment but if they fall through, I'll spend my last days of freedom photographing the sunshine and falling into the deep rabbit hole that is the Suits fandom. Sounds great, doesn't it? (Yes.)

This is a post about my recent trip to Melbourne. It was my first time visiting the city and I fell in love. I'd always felt slightly patriotic towards Sydney because it's my hometown and Melbourne seems to be our rival (lol) but to be honest.... I want to live in Melbourne. Well at least I think I do. My mum reckons that if the weather hadn't been so damn nice for four out of the five days that we were there, I'd probably have a different opinion. Whatever, I say.

My favourite thing was the trams. I'm easily entertained, I know. TING TING! On numerous days I walked around the city with my camera taking photos of the trams whilst the locals stared, probably thinking I was the most boring person on the planet. I just like them, okay? :D

Another thing that struck me about Melbourne was the beautiful old buildings and the cartoonish bare winter trees. There's just something so haunting about them. Or maybe I just like trees.

Brighton Beach was another favourite.

Melbourne University was gorgeous.

Quick trip to the aquarium!

Yeah, I like trees.

Coming from Sydney, I found the Yarra River a little bit underwhelming. But hey, I'm used to a giant harbour. Someday I'd really like to visit other parts of the river - perhaps along the NSW/VIC border.

Pieces of Melbourne: plane tickets, my trusty tram map, MYKI card, business card from a delicious restaurant, Monet's exhibition ticket & postcard, ACMI Hollywood Costume exhibition ticket.

As much as I loved Melbourne, it was great to come home. The great thing about holidays is that they make you appreciate home so much more. But I'll be back, Melbourne. Just you wait.

new beginnings.

Okay, well Livejournal has fucked up. I have been getting emails telling me my paid account is expiring soon as if they actually expect me to fork out more money for their website when they keep changing things that don't need to be fixed and blatantly refusing to listen to their paying customers. WHATEVER, Livejournal. We've had a good five years or so. You introduced me to some of my dearest friends. But that's it for us, okay? You're a lovely memory. I don't like Tumblr anymore either so here I am! I'm trying to sort out what to do about my two blogs (asleepykat and kathsah) because this one is my favourite but that one has the pretty pictures and BLAH can I just merge them together please? I also tend to write more personal things on here as if nobody is listening and I'd like to continue to feel that comfortable. I don't feel that was anymore with Kathsah. Why? Who knows. It'd be so much simpler to just have one blog and one username, wouldn't it? Hahahaha. Especially since I now have @asleepykat on twitter.

The thing is that I'm so used to being two separate people. There's the version of me that my school friends know - it's basically who I was in high school. And then there's the real me - the crazy, emotionally stunted, swears-like-a-sailor version of me. And there are my two blogs. HOW ON EARTH do I manage to blend them together? How can I become just one person? I'm tired of trying to be somebody I'm not. I've had enough. (I'm overthinking this, aren't I?) How do famous bloggers manage to balance writing about their personal lives while also keeping distant? IT'S TRICKY.

I started this blog because I loved the username and I wanted to code another layout. And then I started writing in it because journalling is so much easier with a keyboard and my psychologist wanted me to have ~me time~ while she was gone.

I guess reading this blog will allow people to learn more about me, whether they know me or not. Maybe I'll tell you everything. Or maybe I'll keep some things secret. (PRIVATE POSTS! HOW USEFUL!) But for now, let's do this? I'm going to move permanently to here.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve is a lot more difficult that I first thought. I'm so used to keeping things inside.

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Beca/Jesse fanfic. The Sims 3. Hanging out with my brother. I guess you could say I've been pretty happy lately. Jasmine tea. Pho for lunch. Tiny packets of gummy bears.

My hair washing routine has been going great. Aside from that first Monday, I haven't cheated at all. And my hair actually feels/smells a lot better. Plus, and I'm hoping not to jinx this, but I think my pulling has definitely slowed to a dull crawl. Which is, you know, awesome. I think of myself with a fringe and it actually seems possible! Wow.

I'm happy and I feel like myself. Aside from those awkwardly uncomfortable volatile moments when I burst into tears for no apparent reason, of course. I have a date with Sabine on Skype tomorrow evening so we can watch Teen Wolf together. Yay! :)

So, yeah. Things are good. For now, anyway.


Doubling my meds made me incredibly volatile. When I first started on them this also happened but after a while I adjusted and I was fine. So hopefully my moods will calm down a little. It feels so weird, though. Like trying to explain PMS to an alien. It's hard to explain but I'm incredibly sensitive and it's like the slightest little trigger will send me spinning into a hole of negative thoughts and feelings. It's kind of like I'm sitting on the very edge of a diving board and even the slightest wind can push me into the pool. How's that for a metaphor, hmm? :)

I'm feeling okay today, though. Yesterday was a pretty damn good day too, although I received a package when I got home and it reminded me of all the money I've spent and all my regrets and ~~~~~ I spiraled. Wasn't much fun. But today I went out for a walk around Cremorne Point and I took a bunch of photos and I feel good.

Uni results are less than a week away! I'm excited. x

i'm bulletproof, nothing to lose

I've fallen into a Pitch Perfect induced hole of feelings. It's both terrible and beautiful. I don't even know how to explain it! Hahahaha but it's great because it feels so familiar. Can I just fall into the movie? That'd be nice. Anyway, I'm slowly trying to extricate myself from said hole. I painted my nails pink and I'm seeing Despicable Me 2 tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to going to Melbourne on the 14th. Oh, and uni results are released just a few days before that! See? I have a life outside fandom! (Ish...)

I may be a sleepy kat but I'm also pretty hyper (thanks to the music of Pitch Perfect and my general addiction to M&Ms) so I'm probably not going to be falling asleep any time soon, but oh well. I should try. My alarm clock is going off in 8.25 hours. And I like my beauty sleep. ;) CIAOOO