Vaucluse, NSW.

I'm officially on winter break! No more late-night essay writing for quite a while! I think high fives all around would be great right now, yes? I want to wish anyone who still has exams or essays a big good luck! Last weekend, in the midst of sleepy essay writing, I went for a walk around Vaucluse. There was a big family walking behind me with three or four adorable little boys with gorgeous French accents. Listening to them was lovely, haha. :) Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for this impulsive little trip down south so my camera was running very low on battery. I took the last photo mere seconds before my camera gave up. It wasn't until I got home that I realised it was out of focus. Bummer! Oh well, I'll just need to go back!

Currently reading: my brand new psychology textbook, haha :)
Currently watching: still in the midst of a Chuck rewatch! I'm mid-s2 at the moment.
Currently listening: Band of Horses ♥


  1. chucks chucks chucks chucks chucks ♥

  2. so pretty!! (don't understand the strawberry picture though lol!)

    omgsh freedom already???

    1. hahahah i just found a squishy strawberry on the sand. that's all! :P

      yup! this past week has been hell though. hang in there!

  3. I've never been there! Definitely need to check it out when I go back to Sydney :)

    Yay for winter break!! :) Your photos are always so lovely.