pink polish & twins.

Today has been a lovely, lazy day. I saw Kristy for the last time before our five week break (NOOO~) and I'm glad I did. I even managed to get there on time! Even after rolling out of bed a mere hour before my appointment. Afterwards, I was oddly in the mood for pink nailpolish (say what?) so I splurged on a couple of bottles of Sally Hansen (the silver was just too cute to deny) and I was almost out of there when I spotted a shop slathered in red SALE signs. It was EB Games. Thus i toddled out of the shopping centre with my new nailpolishes, a brand new Sims 3 expansion pack (Seasons!) and an armful of grocery bags containing various cupcake-baking-related items and a whole bunch of frozen dumplings. And then shuffled along home before I could do any more damage to my bank account.

The dumplings were pretty gross. I'm still having dumpling burps, nine hours later. Grumpy face. The Sims expansion pack? Fantastic. Part of me thought I probably should've looked online for reviews before I bought one (I was tossing up between Seasons and University Life) but my fears were unnecessary as I love Seasons. I spent the rest of the day playing with my gorgeous twin Sims until my mum came home at 7pm and wanted to know what I'd done with the day. kanyeshrug.gif

My sims, Jess and Ash, are both celebrities. Ash even has a girlfriend! All this in one day. I'm feeling accomplished. And I haven't even reached Winter yet in the game! Summer and Autumn have been pretty great, though. Jess and Ash seemed to quite like tanning themselves on floaty things in the ocean. It seems to rain every other day in Autumn. I wonder where Sim world is set. Hmm..... Another planet, perhaps?

Tonight, mum and I baked. She was making banana cake for her friend's birthday and I thought I was making mini cupcakes for mum to take to a work meeting - which was hilarious because she has so many meetings every single day and yet only some of them require cupcake bribes for people to show up? But unfortunately, no, I was baking them for a co-worker's goodbye party. Bummer. I thought the meeting story was funny.

Burnt my fingers on a hot baking tray. Sadface. Took many, many photos of the cupcakes - spent more time on the photos than on fiddling with the damn things! Haha, classic me. And now I'm going to snuggle into bed and watch Teen Wolf (provided it's not lying to me about being 100% downloaded *frown*).

Feeling good today! I'm trying to be more mindful of myself and my feelings. If only it was as easy as the Sims suggests. I want coloured mood bars! I'd always know what I'd need. Sigh.

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