hello lamppost, whatcha knowin?

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm lying on my bed half asleep, chin on my hand, scrolling through my blog. My back aches from sitting on the living room floor in front of the heater, leaning over my laptop for hours on end and my brain aches from having to think cohesive essay thoughts. It's cool but not cold and I'm wearing black jeans and my comfy green sweater. I'm in love with my bedroom. It's ridiculously homey and ridiculously me. I'm tempted to crawl under the mess of doona underneath me and snuggle down, maybe cuddle my cat and listening to sad music. The world is waiting out there: there are so many beautiful sights to photograph, so many places to discover, so many songs that haven't yet been heard. But I'm so, so sleepy. So damn sleepy. Somewhere, in another universe, there's a version of me sipping a hot chocolate. There's a version of me running through the woods. There's a version of me en route to California, nervous as anything and excited to finally see the world. But here I am, in this universe, lazily pondering the world.

The photos I took on my January holiday make me ache. I want to be back there, soaking up the warmth of the sun, sand between my toes, not a single care in the world. But the thing is, I never appreciate those holidays when I'm on them. There's no internet and the beds are uncomfortable and it's so damn hot all the time, unless it's cold and rainy. It feels so free up there and yet whenever I'm there, I can't help feeling that I'm stuck inside a little cottage on a tiny headland. Okay, maybe I don't want to be back there. I just want to escape. I want to be that version of me en route to California. Or Boston. Or London. I know I'm lucky to live in Sydney, but it's hard to accept that when I haven't seen the world yet. I have a wonderful camera and I want to discover the world with it!

More than anything, though, I wish I had bought my DSLR before my cat, Pisces, died. I miss him so much.

summer memories
(1) golden chucks (2) friends' beautiful dog (3) january afternoon (4) katherine and sarah, my twins. (and also the source of this blog's name!)

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  1. Lovely entry. I can definitely relate.
    I'm in love with your bedroom too!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way tbh. <3

  2. Cute sneakers! And I love how happy that dog looks :)
    Sorry to hear about your cat :(

    xx Bo

    1. thank you! yes, he is quite a smiley boy, hahaha :)