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Here's to new friends and alcohol and memories that are slowly coming back. ❤

HAUL #001.

I have never posted a haul before so this is kind of weird because I'm not used to showing off my clothes and such. But my lovely friend from It's Happy Days (check her out! ♥) told me to stop being such a perfectionist so here goes! :)

When I was a kid I loved shopping. In my teen years, I hated it. Nothing fit right, nothing was affordable, nothing looked good on my chubby acne-laden body. (Or so I thought.) In the past year, I have become obsessed with clothes once again. It kind of started after I went through something emotionally draining. My first instinct was to reinvent my wardrobe and throw away anything that I had owned before. It was weirdly obsessive. I stopped myself throwing things out, but I did end up buying a shitload more. I meant to stop before last Christmas and post a big haul but I haven't been able to stop buying things yet. Oops? The only thing that slows me down is a lack of funds. ;)

Sportsgirl cotton knit / cream & red

Sportgirl cotton knit / lime
I splurged on the red one last year and loved it so much that I had to buy another when I found them on sale. They do stretch really easily and even the smallest size (XXS) feels really large on me. They're supposed to be oversized but I have small arms so the sleeves swamp me. But I love them anyway. :)

BDG by Urban Outfitters
This is such a perfect shirt. It's soft and light and really comfortable. I wish I had ordered a smaller size because it's quite large but I love it nonetheless. I have been considering buying another one in a different design.

Converse neon chucks
I have posted these before. They're so bright and lovely. I can't wait to wear them in Spring/Summer. But for now they're kind of chilling in my wardrobe...

Dotti Supertube Jeans
I love these! They're really thin, but not stretchy like leggings. The thin fabric makes them very comfortable and flattering, I think. I loved these so much that I bought a pair in black but they sucked! I got a smaller size than the blue ones and they're still too big! The black ones stretched a lot. I'm pretty disappointed with those, but I love the blue ones.

Zara jeggings
After my previous pair of blue jeans ripped (!!!!!! that's what I get for buying a discounted pair from Forever New !!!!!!) I was in the market for new ones. I was surprised by how cheap Zara jeans were - I thought they'd be a lot more. The pair I bought are marked 'jeggings' so they're pretty stretchy in a comfy way. I wondered if I should have tried a smaller size but with a belt, they're perfect. (And possibly less likely to rip again? LOL.)

ROC studded combat boots
I bought these in February after eyeing them for months. They were pretty hot to wear back then but now that the weather has cooled, they are perfect. They're 100% leather and since wearing them in, the leather has turned soft and smooth. Perfect.

Misano oxfords
I bought these for a job interview because I didn't have any flats. They're so cute! However they're not the best for walking long distances.

Forever New daisy earrings
I love these! They're so cute. As soon as I saw them, I knew they were 'me'.

Collette bag
This bag is small and cute. It doesn't hold much but that's okay.

Cotton On dress
I personally don't wear dresses very often. This one is light and airy, perfect for hot days.

Cotton On anorak
I found this anorak at Cotton On. They were charging $60 which I thought was ridiculous considering the low-quality feel of it. There are loose threads in the pockets, etc. But I loved it and couldn't find anything similar that was cheap and not green (lol) so I gave in. I have worn it basically every day since so I think the splurge is justified. ;)

SES knit
$10!!!! This was such a bargain. It's soft and comfy and a lovely colour. What's not to love?

Windsor Smith boots
I saved the best for last! These are my latest purchase and probably my favourite. I have had my eye on them for months but when I saw that they were part of the ongoing 25% off boots sale at Myer, I pounced. I love them so so so so much. I think they're a little classier than my combat boots and probably better for job interviews etc. I also think that since they are loose around the ankles, they'll be better to wear in summer.

Hope that wasn't too weird! :)