under the milky way, tonight ★

I said I'd come back with zillions of holiday photos. I lied. Most of my time up there was spent swimming or walking to/from the beach or lazily draped over the couch with a book. Little photography actually happened. And most of what I did take, I ended up hating. Here's what I kept:

(This is what a pelican's bum looks like. Now you know.)

It was lovely up there. I missed out on the 43 degree Sydney weather and it only rained once. What's even better is that on one clear night I dragged a spare mattress up onto the deck and spent the night under the stars. It was so beautiful and definitely gave me a reality check - The Earth is freaking small! I saw a shooting star and woke up a few times in the night to see that the stars had rotated away from me. :') The only downside was that I woke up at sunrise covered in morning dew, and spent the next few days nursing my billion mosquito bites. Still, totally worth it!

I didn't take any photos of the stars that night. I was too busy enjoying the moment. Sometimes it's better to enjoy life rather than worry about getting a photo of it.

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